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Unmarried Women and IVF: China's Solution to Demographic Decline?

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30 April 2023

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China's demographic decline is an increasing concern for the nation, and unmarried women seeking IVF treatment might be part of the solution. Recently, Chengdu, the capital of the southwestern Sichuan province, legalized the registration of children by unmarried women, granting them access to paid maternity leave, child subsidies, and the possibility of legal IVF treatment in private clinics. Chen Luojin, a 33-year-old divorced woman from Chengdu, is now 10 weeks pregnant through IVF, a testament to the policy's potential success.

The Chinese government has been considering implementing these changes nationwide to address the record low birth rates. Liberalizing IVF across the country could significantly increase demand for fertility treatment, straining the already limited fertility services. However, investors in the industry see a growth opportunity.

China's National Health Commission (NHC) has not commented publicly on the recommendations, but they have acknowledged that many young women are delaying plans to marry and have children due to high costs of education and child-rearing. In February, the Sichuan branch of the NHC announced changes aimed at promoting "long-term and balanced population development."

Despite challenges such as gender power imbalances, societal stigma, and uncertainty over IVF incentives, increasing access to fertility services might have a significant impact on China's demographic issues. Around 300,000 babies are currently born in China via IVF annually, making up about 3% of all newborns. As more Chinese women postpone or give up on having babies, many still desire to become mothers. For them, IVF treatments could be the solution, offering a new avenue to motherhood regardless of marital status.

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China weighs giving single women IVF access to stem population decline

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Date Added: 30 April 2023   Date Updated: 30 April 2023
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Dr. Ajay K. jain   02 May 2023
Warning Signal of Future Existence / Survival of Life
Few decades ago china had framed law to have single child norm to control the ever increasing population. Now, the same country is encouraging to maintain the population by changing the constitutional laws. The changes which have taken place in just few decades are very much concerned for serious consideration. Same trends are happening GLOBALLY. It is high time for every vigilant global citizen irrespective of NATIONALITY & POLITICAL PHILOSOPHIES TO THINK & ASSESS THE FUTURE ACCORDINGLY IN VIEWS OF PAST AND PRESENT SCENERIOS.

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