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Today (25th July) is World Embryologists Day

Liesl Nel-Themaat, Ph.D.

25 July 2013

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Today is World Embryologists Day. A day to celebrate the scientists in reproductive medicine.

This day was chosen because it is the birthday of Louise Brown, the first IVF baby.

THe survey and responses for the creation of this day can be found at http://www.fertaid.com/FertAid/FertAid_Surveys.asp?SL=10

I know this might be too late, but I thought to make it fun, we should do a little theme. In honor of Steptoe and Edward's most famous moment and the infamous picture of them holding Louise in their green scrubs, I purpose we all wear something green tomorrow. If you don't have green scrubs, but in a green hair band or something. Just thought it would be fun and a great way to celebrate together. 




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Date Added: 25 July 2013   Date Updated: 25 July 2013
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Chloe Dubois   30 August 2016
Surrogacy with donor eggs
I didn't know there is such day like Embryologist day! They do amazing job for infertile couples like my husband and I. We have surrogate twin boys born in Ukrainian clinic biotexcom in Kiev. I was born without womb and always knew I will need help of fertility clinic to help us to have a baby. Of course I didn't know I will fly to Ukraine and never knows I will have twin boys which makes my life better every day. I know I'm late but I wish all the best to all embryologists in the world!!
World Embryologists day
Hi At Singapore, embryologists working in KKIVF department of KK Hospital have been celebrating Embryologists day on 25th July every year in a grand manner for several years. We started celebrating since 1994. I was asked to choose a date and I chose 25th July as it is the birthday of Louise Brown, the first test tube baby. There was a pause in celebration and again we started to celebrate from 2006. My embryologists even made embroidered Tshirt for this purpose. I brought this idea across Embryo mail several years before but nobody seems to pick it up. Anyways, some embryologists from other countries trained by me celebrate this day. On recent 25th July, I collected all embryologists of Singapore together for the first time to celebrate this. My message to them was to bring this to embryologists of world. Now I see that there is a World Embryologists day. I am happy to hear this. Finally my idea and dream of all embryologists celebrating this special day have become a reality. In fact, every Embryologists day I bring my embryologists out for dinner and give them gifts. Also, KKIVF department celebrated this day for several years with all staff going for celebration dinner. Department also gives us gifts. HAPPY WORLD EMBRYOLOGISTS DAY!

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