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Tanvi Chincholkar

Full Name: Tanvi Chincholkar
Position Sought: Junior Embryologist
Primary Language: English
Address: Delhi
Telephone: 9810547980
E-mail: Contact Tanvi
 Profile and objectives
Seeking a position which provides opportunities to accept challenges, motivation to excel in terms of scientific skills and collaborate with a team ensuring personal growth along with growth of the organization
  Main resume

A sincere and dedicated trainee embryologist with clinical and research skills, whose strength lies in strong communicational skills, strong presentation ability and good organizational and coordinating capabilities. An efficient team worker with an inclination towards scientific research and learning advancements in the field of Embryology.

Career History:


  • Trainee Embryology Fellow (ISAR), Centre for IVF and Human Reproduction, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi (August, 2019 to present)

Hands on training in all aspects of Assisted Reproductive Technology and Clinical Embryology


a) Andrology

- Semen Analysis (Sperm concentration, motility & morphology)

- Semen Preparation for IUI, IVF and ICSI

- Semen cryopreservation


b) Embryology

- Oocytes Screening

- Preparation of media and culture dishes for use in embryological procedures

- Insemination of oocytes via conventional IVF

- Setting up of Inverted microscope and micro manipulator for ICSI

- ICSI procedure

- Vitrification and Thawing of embryos and oocytes

- Embryo transfer technique


- Maintenance of patient record

- Quality control of lab

- Preliminary counselling and patient registration



  • Research Assistant, Regional Virology Laboratory, AIIMS, Bhopal. (September, 2016-August, 2017)

- Molecular diagnosis (PCR based assays) of viral pathogens (Dengue, Chinkungunya, Zika)

- Management of clinical data and sample storage

- Management of laboratory and daily functioning

- Preparation of SOPs

- Statistical analyses of data and report writing


  • Research Assistant, Nation Institute for Research in Environmental Health, ICMR, Bhopal. (November, 2013- November, 2015; March, 2016- May, 2016)

- Development of protocol for data collection on morbidities and water consumption habits among victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy

- Community- based survey for data collection

- Quality management of data acquired and recorded in database

- Data compilation and analysis using statistical tools such as SPSS, Stata.

- Data reporting




  • Project Trainee. Department of Clinical Cytology and Cytogenetics, CHU, Nimes, France (March-June, 2013)
  • Karyotype analysis
  • Study of MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome) classification systems
  • Molecular detection of p53 gene using FISH techniques
  • Data analysis for correlation of p53 gene and occurrence of monosomal karyotypes in high risk MDS


  • Observer/ Project Assistant, Department of Research, Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Bhopal, India. (September, 2011-November, 2012)
  • Observed metaphase preparation from clinical peripheral blood samples and karyotyping
  • Phyochemical extraction and analysis from various plant sources
  • Cytotoxicity testing of herbal extracts(in vitro and in vivo)
  • In vivo study of contraceptive potential of Carica papaya seed oil in male mice
  • Supervision of dissertation students and instrumentation training of trainee students


  • Dissertation Student, School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Bristol, Bristol, U.K.( March, 2010 to May, 2010)
  • Optimization of nucleoli isolation protocol for target naive T cells
  • Culture and maintenance of mammalian cell lines (A549, p518)
  • Isolation and fractionation of cellular components to obtain nucleoli
  • Protein content determination using Western Blot


  • Dissertation Student,  Department of Research, Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Bhopal (December, 2008-May, 2009)
  • Extraction of crude ethanol extract from A.vasica leaves via maceration/ percolation method
  • Phytochemical analysis of extract by TLC method
  • Animal handling and dosing via oral gavage (Swiss albino mice)
  • Chromosome isolation and metaphase preparation from Bone marrow extract of mice
  • Tissue retrieval and histopathological studies


  • Dr.Sadhana Desai Embryology Training Course, 2019- present, ISAR, India.


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Biotechnology, 2017-18, School of Biotechnology, Rajiv Gandhi Proudyugiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal, India


  • European Diploma in Molecular Cytogenetics, 2012-13, DIU (University of Paris Descartes and University of Montpellier-Nimes)


  • MSc in Biomedical Sciences Research, 2009-10, University of Bristol, U.K.


  • B.Tech in Biotechnology, 2005-09, VIT University, Vellore, India.
Personal details:

Email Id:

Mobile No: 8826929118


Interests and Hobbies:
Further Information:


  • Molecular Biology Techniques. RNA and DNA isolation, Agarose gel electrophoresis, Polymerase Chain Reaction (conventional and real time)
  • ELISA (diagnostic)
  • Cytogenetic Techniques. Isolation and identification of chromosomes (Karyotyping of G-banding); Fluorescent In-situ Hybridisation
  • Mammalian Cell Culture Techniques.
  • Protein Biochemistry Techniques. Protein isolation, SDS-PAGE, Western blotting, Serum Protein Electrophoresis (Cellulose Acetate Electrophoresis), Protein biochemical assays.
  • Cell & Tissue Toxicity Studies. MTT Assay, Chromosome Aberration Assay, Micronucleus Assay, Histopathological studies.
  • Animal handling and experimentation (Swiss albino mice)
  • Phytochemical Studies. Herbal extraction methodologies, Phytochemical analytical tests, Chromatography (Paper chromatography, Thin Layer Chromatography, Column Chromatography)
  • Instrumentation. Microscopy (Phase contrast microscopy, Fluorescence microscopy), UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Other Skills

  • Computer skills. Knowledge and experience of SPSS software for statistical analysis, Windows 10, MS Word, MS Excel. Also, have knowledge of C/ C++ programming languages. 
  • Language Skills. Proficient in written and spoken English.
  • Teamwork. Successfully undertaken team projects within both academic and non-academic environment.


  • Agarwal A, Gupta S, Chincholkar T, Singh V, Umare IK, ANsari K, Paliya S, Yadav AK, Chowdhary R, Puwar S, Biswas D, Co-circulation of dengue virus serotypes in Central India: Evidence of prolonged viremia in DENV-2. Infection Genetics and Evolution, 2019, 70: 72-79


  • Ravi DK, Kumar M, Singh G, Rai SB, Chincholkar T, Saxena AK, Pandey M, Matrix Metallopeptidase 9 (MMP-9) Expression in Oral Cancer and Adjacent Normal Tissue. World Journal of Surgical Medical and Radiation Oncology, 2014, 3:17


  • Chincholkar T, Malla T. M., Ganesh N. Study of protective potential of Adhatoda vasica extract against radiation induced genotoxicity: An in vivo analysis. International Journal of Phytomedicine, 4 (2012) 48-53

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