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Tamer AbdelHamed

Full Name: Tamer AbdelHamed
Position Sought: Ivf lab director & Embryologist
Primary Language: Arabic
Address: 309a, hay 3, tagamo 5.
New cairi
Telephone: +201111283738
E-mail: Contact Tamer
 Profile and objectives
Ivf lab director & embryologist, over 15 years experience in field of ART( more than 8 years as embryologist, more than 2 years as IVF lab director). master degree in reproductive Techniques ( IVF, ICSI) Freelancing services: ICSI, embryo biopsy, PGD\PGS, freezing thawing embryo/oocyte Available for locum work.
  Main resume

Extensive experience in clinical Embryologist and semenology both as a team member and as laboratory manger

Over 15 years experience in the field of ART

Career History:

1. IVF laboratory techniques trainer.

2. Freelancer and consultant of ART at many fertility & sterility centers.

3. IVF lab director (El Nile center for fertility sterility) 1-4-2016 until now.

4. IVF lab director (El-Galaa military hospital) 1-7-2015 until now.

5. Senior embryologist (Engab fertility center) 1-4-2010 to 1-10-2015.

6. Supervisor of andrology Lab and embryologist (Adam ) 1-7-2008 to 1-11-2012.

7. junior andrologist (Adam Hospital for fertility and sterility) 3-2001 to 3-2004.


• I have an excellent experience in IVF lab. Techniques Including:

1. PGD, pre-implantation genatic diagnosis (embryo biopsy and fixation)
2. assisted hatching for embryo using laser technique.
3. Embryos grading (gardner grading ) and embryo transfer.
4. Freezing and thawing of embryos (vitrification technique).
5. Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).
6. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).
7. In Vitro Maturation (IVM).
8. Oocyte denudation and Identification.
9. Collection of Oocyte from follicular fluid.
10. Preparation of all ART dishes.
11. Semen Processing (ICSI , IUI) using swim up , gradient layers and Zeta method.

• I have an excellent experience in Andrology lab techniques Including:

12. Semen analysis according to WHO 2010 & ESHRE 2002.
13. Determination of sperm chromatin dispersion degree using DNA frag. Test. 
14. Determination of spermatogensis stages by Cytology reading for non-obstructive Azoospermia 
using (MGG-NFI stain) or (Diff- Quick stain).
15. Sperm cryopreservation (slow freezing) using High security system.
16. Reading of sperm morphology according to Kruger & Menkveld criteria.
17. Round cells differentiation in semen using Peroxides stain.
18. Assessment of sperm vitality using Eosin stain.
19. TESE processing using advanced protocol for severe cases of non-obstructive Azoospermia 
including the erythrocyte lysing buffer techniques.
20. Management of andrology lab. according to ISO-9001.


- M. Sc. (reproductive techniques. ICSI, IVF,......) El Sadat City University.

- Diploma in analytical Biochemistry, Menoufia University 2008 (Very Good 84%).

- B. Sc. (Chemistry & Bio-Chemistry), Ain Shams 2000 (Good).

- Have certificate from Egyptian Council for Health as a medical chemist.

- Membership in the Egyptian Syndicate of Scientific Professionals as consultant of ART.

Personal details:

Marred and have 3 children

Interests and Hobbies:
Further Information:

References available on equest


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