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Tagreed shehab

Full Name: Tagreed shehab
Position Sought: Ivf-ICSI lab manager
Primary Language: Arabic
Address: daria
Syrian Arab Republic
Telephone: 00218919793288
E-mail: Contact Tagreed
 Profile and objectives
I like my job, society assisted with the staff, try to improve my self
  Main resume

Ivf-ICSI lab manager

Career History:


MARC"Majeed Aloum Reproductive Center"I was begin the training from this center at the end of2004 till end of2005  the senior in that period called yaseen allawi he learned me all about Andrology including

-semen assessment

-preparing sperm for ICSI and for IUI

-freezing sperm

-treatment open testis and epididimis BESA-TESA-PTSA

       IVF biologist

from the beginning of2006 till end of it I was treatments with the basic and advanced training of Ivf in the center including

-pick up



-checked and selected embryo for transfer

-freezing and thawing embryo

           PGD training 

from the beginning of2007 and for six months In this period  the senior changed to Azmi-duaibes from Jordan he learned me how to do assisted hatching manual and by laser als he learned me how to do PGD manual and  by laser

Biside that I was responsible for ivf stocks and lab manegment and equipment

from the second half of2007 till end of 2011 I was worked with the senior and assisted him in all stage of Ivf-ICSI in the center

      Embryologist supervisors

in the beginning of2012 till now my duties including supervisor and work out come results of the treated cycle

I would like to mentioned that from2005 till2007 the number of ivf -ICSI was a round700 cycle per year 

from 2008 till 2013 the cycle increase to around 1100 cycle per year including 200 100 PGD 

in 2014 I worked some cycle for british syrian center in Al rashed hospital dDr rami alnasser 

In  month 7th   Igo to turkey/konya  to work with novafertil group and staying there for one month then I continued my job as lab manger with the same group  but in Libya/tripoli



pick up



TESA  and  PESA and PTSA

Freezing and thawing embryo and sperm

Assisted hatching

Transfer embryo "ET"

Sex Selection "PGD"


B.S.c from damascus university in2004

rate 76.3Secandary school: daria secondary school for girls 

Plural:220 from240 in 2000


Personal details:

Name:Tagreed adnan shehab

Birth date:20/9/1981


Marital status:marred and  have 2son 


mobile number viber:00218919793288

Interests and Hobbies:
Further Information:

 Lunching ivf center

MARC Majeed Aloum reproduction center

British syrian center Al rashed hospital


Dr Majeed Aloum  consultant in genetic reproductive medicn



-Dr Rami Alnasser british syrian center- alrashed hospital



Dr jamal alhussin


Dr. Mhamad Alhalabi Alsalam hospital daraa hiway Email


Dr.Ayman hamshow - qatar Al dawha



Dr Fouad Ali "head Manger of novafertil group " five center between Libya and turkey " 0095377928101 Dr Rafik Suzanne 00218911542418 Dr khaled abob 00218917272400 Dr Gary Ibrahim 00218924525089

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