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Syrine Chaaban

Full Name: Syrine Chaaban
Position Sought: Trainee/Junior Embryologist/Andrologist
Primary Language: English/French
Address: Ganshoren
Telephone: 0485653876
E-mail: Contact Syrine
 Profile and objectives
Freshly graduated from a MMedSci in Assisted Reproductive Technology, I am actively looking to work as an embryologist/andrologist. Having traveled a lot in my life, leaving Brussels will not be a problem for me. I am adaptable, motivated and ready to face new challenges
  Main resume

I obtained a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences in Assisted Reproductive Technology at the University of Nottingham (UK) in September 2021 with the highest distinction. I had previously obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Biology at the Free University of Brussels (Belgium) in 2020.


The University of Nottingham's ART program is the oldest program in the UK; over the years, it has provided full-time training for hundreds of graduates who have made successful careers in the discipline. In addition to my training focused on ART, which allowed me to officially gain a year of experience in this field through the practice of techniques such as ICSI, time-lapse incubation and vitrification of gametes and embryos, I grew up with an embryologist mom and an infertility doctor dad, which allowed me to be widely exposed to the world of embryology and andrology throughout my childhood. Furthermore, I was able to observe how patients interacted with my parents and how their treatments brought hope and happiness. I also had the unique opportunity to closely observe and study good laboratory practices in the clinic, including good hygiene and asepsis techniques.

In addition to the practical internships that I was able to do in the “Centre Belgo-Libanais d’Infertilité (CBLI)”, Tripoli, Lebanon, I also did an observation internship at “The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy", London, UK.


Although university studies are important, I firmly believe that the humanitarian aspect is crucial, especially in ART. I am indeed always eager to help those in need, and I believe that all living beings deserve the same level of respect. As such, I am sensitive and actively involved in issues related to nature and biodiversity, in addition to social issues. These values ​​allow me to be a compassionate and dedicated embryologist and to give the best of myself to help patients

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Scientific Poster Presenter @ Fertility 2022 :

Chaaban, Syrine, Chatziparasidou, Alexia, Babu T J, Ramnath, Nijs, Martine, Jayaprakasan, Kanna, Varghese, Alex C. (2021), Career goals and challenges for IVF lab professionals: outcomes from a clinical embryologist’s survey. 

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