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21. Sperm pinheads

Sperm pinheads Details:
A rapid method ( Test simplets ) to analyse sperm morphology. The image shows sperm "Pinheads".

Submitted by:
Papale Loredana
Views: 7226

22. Globozoosperms

Globozoosperms Details:
Sperms without acrosome.

Submitted by:
Loredana Papale
Views: 4924

23. Pinhead sperm sample

Pinhead sperm sample Details:
Pinhead sperm sample

Submitted by:
Necati Findikli
Views: 10581

24. Hemi-Zona Assay

Hemi-Zona Assay Details:
Zona pellucida divided into two hemisphere using laser for hemizona assay test.

Submitted by:
Semra Sertyel
Views: 6034

25. Heat-Induced Hyperactivation

Heat-Induced Hyperactivation Details:
Sperm (at center) incubated at 40C shows hyperactive motility (star-spin pattern) while other sperm cells show progressive or zero motility. Fertil. Steril. 69,118, 1998.

Submitted by:
Prof. Philip J. Chan
Views: 5773

26. Sperm Head Decondensation

Sperm Head Decondensation Details:
Composite photos of in vitro sperm head decondensation. After sperm entry into the oocyte, the head enlarges (the acrosomal cap is sometimes visible), followed by formation of the pronucleus. Magnific

Submitted by:
Prof. Philip J. Chan
Views: 9606

27. Sperm preparation for ICSI

Sperm preparation for ICSI Details:
This mehod is a rapid and simple sperm preparation for ICSI. This device comprises a tubular conduit, which has a constriction to create capillary flow. Motile sperm, having passed through the constri

Submitted by:
Dr. Farhang Abed
Views: 7856

28. Scanning Electron Microscopy

Scanning Electron Microscopy Details:
The image shows a scanned electron micrograph of human spermatozoa taken from a semen specimen.(Magnification : x12,000).

Submitted by:
H. Burjaq & N. Afifi
Views: 6828

29. Male and Female sperm cells

Male and Female sperm cells Details:
Blue dots represent decondensed human spermatozoa heads , stained with DAPI orange signales-Y chromozome-male sperm green signals -X chromozome-female sperm Prepared by FISH techniques

Submitted by:
Tanya Milachich
Views: 16555

30. Comet Assay: DNA-Damaged Sperm

Comet Assay: DNA-Damaged Sperm Details:
Real-time modified alkaline SCGE assay showing fluorescent DNA unraveling from damaged sperm nucleus and forming comet tail. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2001;184:1068.

Submitted by:
Prof. Philip J. Chan
Views: 6117

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