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11. Spermiogenesis and Acrosome Formation

Spermiogenesis and Acrosome Formation Details:
Acrosome formation of the human spermatid. Transmission electron microscopy.

Submitted by:
Kerem Dirican
Views: 7187

12. Strict Morphology Collection: Spermac Stain

Strict Morphology Collection: Spermac Stain Details:
Sperm cells are stained using the Spermac stain and Kruger strict criteria morphology performed. The acrosome stains green while the postacrosomal nuclear region is red. Unlike PMN, spermatids are smo

Submitted by:
Professor Philip J. Chan
Views: 27085

13. Zeta potential of sperm

Zeta potential of sperm Details:
The mature sperm cell has a negative "zeta" electropotential after acquiring epididymal proteins and sticks to the surface at the: (1) acrosome tip (2) postacrosome (3) midpiece (4) tailtip or (5) ent

Submitted by:
Professor Philip J. Chan
Views: 7339

14. Normal spermatozoon

Normal spermatozoon Details:
Normal spermatozoon under Scanning electron microscopy.(Magnification:12,000x.)      

Submitted by:
Hasan Burjaq ,MT (BGS)
Views: 5391

15. Acrosome agenesis

Acrosome agenesis Details:
Acrosomeless human spermatozoa, most of which are round-headed, hence the term round-headed or globozoospermia. These two terms are inaccurate because acrosomeless spermatozoa need not necessarily be

Submitted by:
E.S. Al-Yafeai, MYQ Al-Rawi, J. Ali
Views: 3953

16. Spermatid

Spermatid Details:
A round spermatid with acrosome cap in fresh testicular sample.

Submitted by:
Martine Nijs
Views: 6381

17. Immunofluorescent Spermatozoa

Immunofluorescent Spermatozoa Details:
Immunofluorescent depiction illustrating the presence and distribution of the platelet-activating factor receptor on spermatozoa. Fertility and Sterility 1999;71(5):941-942.

Submitted by:
William E. Roudebush
Views: 4649

18. Spermac Acrosome Stain

Spermac Acrosome Stain Details:
A rapid method (Spermac stain) to analyse sperm acrosome intactness. Type 1, sperm with intact acrosome: Type 2, enzymes absent: Type 3, Broken or missing enzymes.

Submitted by:
Dr. Philip Chan
Views: 5964

19. Globozoospermia

Globozoospermia Details:
Electron micrograph of the round-headed human spermatozoa.

Submitted by:
Andrei Rybouchkin
Views: 5810

20. Sperm Comet Assay (SCGE)

Sperm Comet Assay (SCGE) Details:
DNA damage (single and double strand breaks) in alkaline comet assay is revealed by streaking tail from a diminished sperm nucleus. Fertil Steril 75:1-4,2001

Submitted by:
Dr.Philip Chan
Views: 7262

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