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21. RI Viewer Imaging Software

RI Viewer Imaging Software Imaging software for ART RI Viewer is a PC application which accompanies Saturn laser systems and IMSI. It is used to show images from the microscope and to carry out laser procedures. RI Viewer replaced Cronus software that waspreviously sold with RI laser systems. Features: Full screen imaging from microscope Digital...
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22. IVF Clinics MIS

IVF Clinics MIS CloudIVF from H3O is a  scalable ,web-based platform gives individual and large IVF Consulting and Clinic practice the ability to function seamlessly across a number of different locations with the same flexibility and interactivity as practices with only one point of consulting. CloudIVF can help IVF consultants ...
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23. Cronus - Video Capture and Embryo Analysis Software

Cronus - Video Capture and Embryo Analysis Software Cronus3 is an easy to use digital video recorder, image capture and embryo analysis package. With sophisticated reporting functions, multiple camera capture and digital zoom functions, it is rapidly becoming an essential tool in the recording of data for patient records. * Digital Video Capture * Multiple Camera Captu...
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