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Senior Fertility Nurse/Midwife

Boston Place Fertility Clinic

London, United Kingdom

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Senior Fertility Nurse/Midwife

Job description

We, TFP, are looking for brilliant minds and passionate hearts to help us shape the future of fertility health. We are one of the largest fertility service providers in Europe operating our IVF clinics and egg/sperm freezing banks in currently 6 countries. We have embarked on the mission to use technology to provide parents with a memorable best-in-class fertility journey that leads to the best outcome – starting a family!


At TFP, we offer all our patients the care, understanding and expertise that help to bring dreams to life. We are passionate about what we do, which reflects our commitment to creating lives and changing lives.


Science research and innovation are key to how we work and have led to us pioneering fertility treatment for more than 33 years. Many of our clinicians are internationally renowned specialists and we regularly share knowledge across our clinics to further improve our success.

The Role

92 Harley Street and Boston Place Fertility are part of TFP which is one of the largest providers of IVF in the UK. Our clinics, our staff and our patients, benefit from the partnership and all the expertise within the group.

Boston Place Fertility is a fully functioning IVF clinic offering a wide range of assisted reproductive techniques. 92 Harley Street is a consulting facility offering blood tests, scans, and consultations from a variety of clinical specialities but with a special focus on women’s health.

This is an exciting opportunity to join the nursing team within TFP and work across a broader range of women’s health specialties. The post-holder will work under the remit of the specialist nurses, working within both clinic sites.


  • Nurses will be responsible and accountable for assessing, planning and implementing high quality care to meet the individual needs of the patients.
  • Will develop skills in the management and care of individuals/couples undergoing treatment.
  • Be responsible for the efficient day to day running of the units at Boston Place and 92 Harley Street, and for supervising, healthcare assistants and multi-professional students.
  • Assist with Ultrasound scans.
  • Prepare for out-patient clinics (book patient appointments and order blood tests, stock checks and ordering and collate results)
  • Carry out clinical observations (such as BP, pulse, height weight, urinalysis, blood sugar)
  • Assist the doctors with procedures such as coil insertion/removal, smear test, HRT implants, Zoladex injections


Key responsibilities 


Clinical Practice
• To develop a satisfactory level of clinical competence in ART skills e.g. plan and co-ordinate treatment cycles, to undertake specific investigations such as endocrine profiles.
• To assist in the management, and support of subfertile couples before, during and after treatment cycles, developing a therapeutic environment to meet the individual needs of the couples. To undertake patient consultations before, during and post treatment cycles. To ensure that informed consent is given, and the appropriate unit and Human Fertilisation Embryology Authority consent forms are completed for the treatment cycle, discussing the risks associated with ART and potential usage of gametes for research. To demonstrate excellent communication skills, providing information and implications counselling to enable couples to make informed choices regarding their treatment.
• To demonstrate use of excellent communication skills to support patients and families in highly stressful situations (e.g. breaking bad news, diagnosis of ectopic or miscarriage, managing bereavement and anger management) both face to face and over the telephone. To ensure through the process of implications counselling that all couples are aware of the risk of iatrogenic disease such as ovarian hyperstimulation, multiple pregnancy (with risk of prematurity and death) and the complex issue of research on gametes/embryos and the ethical and moral issues that this raises. To explain and complete consent forms for the storage of frozen gametes and the posthumous use thereof for all couples freezing spare gametes with the implications of disposal of property in the event of separation or divorce.
• In conjunction with senior nursing staff to be responsible for the booking of the patient’s treatment cycle, planning drug prescribing and liaising with doctors and administration staff. To explain the individualised treatment schedule including the potential side effects of the drug treatment and demonstration of injection technique including the use of subcutaneous injection pen.
• To co-ordinate oocyte retrieval and embryo transfer/intrauterine insemination, donor insemination, provide appropriate counselling, support and advice with cycle outcome.
• To demonstrate skill at interpreting complex clinical information/data, anticipating potential problems, taking action to prevent/minimise these, responding to any changes promptly and effectively and developing specialised plans of care / following the relevant protocols.
• To demonstrate dexterity, accuracy and attention to detail in the preparing of specialist equipment for procedures to be undertaken within the unit/clinic whilst adhering to Local policies e.g. intravenous drug administration. Taking blood/urine samples, swabs etc and to ensure that staff are trained and supported to develop these skills. To promote the highest standards of cleanliness and sterility of all equipment used in the IVF guided egg retrieval, saline ultrasound, embryo transfer and intra-uterine insemination procedures in line with HFEA practice.
• To supervise and assist in the preparation and care of the patient and her partner before, during and after the above procedures. To demonstrate initiative and provide support in assisting medical staff with procedures e.g. performing transvaginal ultrasound guided oocyte retrieval.
• To demonstrate an ability to concentrate for prolonged periods and to apply accuracy and attention to detail even in adverse conditions e.g. preparing and utilising specialist equipment.

Leadership – Role/Site Specific

• To ensure that the Unit/clinic/TFP philosophy is adhered to, to improve the quality of patient care, through patient advocacy and quality management process in order to promote a holistic approach to care delivery. To work within the legal framework as laid out by the 1990 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act of Parliament and Care Quality Commission
• To provide clinical advice and support/supervision to nurses and other members of the multi-disciplinary team including clinicians and act as a role model.
• To exercise professional accountability at all times and to be aware of own development needs/limitations, actively seeking to address these and raise awareness in others.
• To manage difficult situations with competence, taking appropriate action, utilising relevant protocols and supporting the patient, their relatives and members of the multidisciplinary team as required.
• To ensure that procedures/policies in place are followed so that emergency /crisis situations are managed with competence and that patients/ relatives and staff members are adequately supported during and after the event.
• To manage conflict promptly and effectively, supporting and promoting effective working relationships within the multidisciplinary team.
• To ensure COSHH, Infection Control, Risk Management and maintenance of health and safety within the department is implemented according to unit/clinic /TFP policy and that every effort is made to identify and minimise potential risks/hazards.
• In conjunction with senior nursing staff to ensure all complaints and grievances are dealt with competently and effectively in line with the company’s complaints procedure.

Research & Audit – Role/Site Specific
• To participate in department review and audit of clinical procedures and protocols to enhance patient care.
• To demonstrate a commitment to research/evidence-based practice and clinical excellence by instigating and undertaking research into clinical practice and the delivery of patient care.
• To support practice development, research and clinical project work within the unit.
• To participate in multicentred, national and international research trials.


Qualifications and experience

  • 1st level registration with NMC
  • Interest in Women’s Health
  • Knowledge of change management
  • Understanding of clinical governance and audit issues


Location: Marylebone London

Salary: Competitive (Depending on Experience)

Experience Required:  1st level registration with NMC Interest in Women’s Health Knowledge of change management Understanding of clinical governance and audit issues
Salary:  Competitive (Depending on Experience)
Closing Date:  Once position is filled

Contact: Darryl Green
Boston Place Fertility Clinic
20 Boston Place
London, United Kingdom
NG10 5QG
Informal Enquiries:
Website: https://www.bostonplace.co.uk

Date Added: 22 September 2022    

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