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Senior Embryologist / Deputy Manager

Acorn Fertility

London, United Kingdom

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We are a new IVF clinic started by a team of 3 senior clinicians who have a collective experience of more than 30,000 cycles over the last 15 years (UK and overseas). We are recruiting a senior embryologist with at least 3 years of quality experience, preferably with HCPC registration (or working towards it). 

We expect you to be skilled and experienced in ICSI and trophectoderm biopsy skills and ovum vitrification apart from routine skills. You will be expected to handle everything that the HFEA expects from a senior embryologist (including regulatory matters). We will go over those in detail, during the selection process. 

Your salary and perks will be at the higher end of the range offered to senior embryologists in London and definitely more than your current salary. 

Above all, we provide a stress-free working environment and expect you to do the same with your colleagues. We are convinced stress and fertility don't mix. 

If you are ambitious, join the gang of restless entrepreneurs who want to disrupt the IVF market in the next 5 years. If you are not, no worries we need grounded teammates as well.

Key Responsibilities:

• Must display a very high attention to detail across all aspects of the work, including patient records, batch control and stock levels.

• Must understand the importance of quality control in the laboratory and understand how to contribute to quality control in the laboratory.

• To be proficient in all aspects of the andrology and embryology laboratory, including embryo biopsy.

• Must take responsibility for supporting and training new staff members in the laboratory.

• Must be open to a constantly evolving and learning environment and happy to take on board new ideas and receive feedback.

• Must have excellent patient communication skills and develop a good working relationships with all staff inter and intradepartmental.

• Must acknowledge and follow all clinic protocols published on the Quality Management System.

• To contribute to maintaining and improving standards of service for the andrology and embryology laboratory protocols.

• To be aware of the often complex and multifactorial challenges in the fertility clinic and to handle these calmly using support, experience and knowledge.

• To maintain and develop scientific/laboratory expertise and knowledge by actively engaging in appropriate continuing development.

• To support the Laboratory Manager with the Quality Management System, including the validation of new laboratory processes and equipment.

• Must support the Laboratory Manager implementing change through the QMS with Change Controls and risk assessments.

• To be aware of and participate in the ReproMed Quality Management System and specifically the Corrective Action Request reporting system.

• Any other reasonable duties as may arise from time to time to be expected within the laboratories.

• To ensure that your personal ‘Staff Training Logbook’ is maintained and up-to-date.

• All staff working in the service will be expected to comply with the legislative requirements of the Tissue Directive- S.I.158 of 2006 and S.I. 598 of 2007. Training will be provided.

• To understand and comply with the HPRA Tissues and Cells guidelines. Training will be provided.

Experience Required:  Minimum 6 years experience in an IVF laboratory. • Proficiency in all aspects of IVF, including embryo biopsy. • Experience with quality management systems within the laboratory. Compliant with HFEA • Experience mentoring trainees.
Education Required:  Recognised Bachelor of Science • Desirable: Masters degree in Life Science • Desirable: ESHRE certification.
Salary:  Competitive (Depending on Experience)
Closing Date:  Once position is filled
Reference Number: AcornLab2406

Contact: Claire Duncan
Acorn Fertility
112a cavendish Road, Colliers wood
London, United Kingdom
SW19 2EZ
Phone: +447903511000
Informal Enquiries: support@acornfertility.co.uk
Website: https://acornfertility.co.uk

Date Added: 08 June 2024    

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