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Sanna Pietilae

Full Name: Sanna Pietilae
Position Sought: Fertility coach/councelor, PGT lab manager/director
Primary Language: Finnish, english
Address: Singapore
Telephone: 96285088
E-mail: Contact Sanna
 Profile and objectives
Interested in a fertility counselor position or a lab manager/director for PGT
  Main resume

Passion for ART!

My previous managers would tell my strengths are independency, I am excited about new challenges, and I am creative having always ideas to share. My colleagues would say “She is more than capable of doing her job, new things don't scare her, she is an action orientated rather than a follower. She also speaks her mind.” I would define me as an innovative person who focuses on the solutions, not the problem. I am enthusiastic, and I enjoy brainstorming and ideation.

Career History:

Manager Research Applications

PerkinElmer Singapore 2018 – present

  • Leader of R&D team
  • Monitor and control expenses within planned budget
  • New R&D laboratory; planning, design and set up of BSL-2 laboratory with pre- and post-PCR areas
  • Laboratory set up; planning of PGT and BoBs laboratories for customers from the scratch
  • Validation plans for new applications in-house and at customer site
  • Product support for APAC; Working closely with customers, sales, distributors, product managers, and marketing people
  • Trainings and demonstrations; MDx, SCID, FrX, Vanadis, and IEF product and technology trainings for customers, sales, distributors, and internal people in PerkinElmer office and laboratory, at sales meetings as well as at the customer site. Online trainings of softwares and product information.
  • Follow up new technologies and research tools, find new collaborators

Principal Application Scientist

PerkinElmer Singapore 2013 – 2018

  • Trainer; Provide training internally and externally on PerkinElmer products
  • Product support for APAC; product inquiries, problem solving, troubleshooting visits, laboratory test workflow optimization and planning, requirements for staff, sample validation planning, statistical analysis of clinical data, occurring technical calls for different products, helping with publication, creating and updating support material, review of marketing and product material
  • Workshops; planned and executed four PGT-A workshops for potential customers and two PGT-A user meetings for existing customers
  • Customer visits; provide technical knowledge, troubleshooting of assays and maintain good relationship
  • Collaborate with other PKI labs and customer labs; help to set up ICL, support Chennai laboratory for setting up assays
  • Laboratory work; maintaining the laboratory and inventory, customer sample runs and discussion of results thereafter, validation of new applications, demonstrations and laboratory tours for VIPs Customer Support Scientist PerkinElmer Turku 2007 – 2013
  • Worldwide MDx product support
  • Pre- and post-sale support; customer visits, onsite presentations, lunch talks, webinars and software online trainings, technical discussions, planning of laboratory and staff requirements, workflow optimization
  • Customer visits; technical support, product introductions, lunch seminars

Product and Application Support

Bio-Nobile Turku 2005 - 2007

  • Seminars and hands-on trainings; presentations of products, demonstrations, and webinars for software trainings
  • Automatization of NA extraction kits
  • Development of automated NA purification instrument
  • Product support for sales and customers worldwide
  • Participation to conferences, seminars and road shows worldwide
  • Complaint handling

R&D Chemist

Bio-Nobile Turku 2003 – 2005

  • Development of plasmid DNA extraction kit and DNA fragment purification kit
  • Conducted validation strategy, plans and reports
  • Quality testing of products for manufacturing

Expertise and passion in PGT and ART; 6 years of experience in working with fertility clinics, and studying the topic.

PerkinElmer product experience; PG-Seq for PGT-A and PGT-M using sequencing. BoBs products for PGT-A, 1st and 2nd trimester invasive testing, POC testing, and stem cell applications. Automated NIPT assay. SCID and FrX testing with PCR-based assay. IEF for thalassemias and SCD. Sciclone liquid handler for automation of assays. LabChips for sample QC, Luminex for bead-based assays, microarrays for prenatal, postnatal, and oncology. Plate readers and punchers for newborn screening. Knowledge in prenatal and newborn screening (AutoDELFIA, DELFIA Xpress).

Excellent in; prenatal testing both non-invasive and invasive, molecular karyotyping, NGS, single cell applications, automatization of assays, chemagen and other NAPs, liquid handlers, BioAnalyzer, PCRs, sample preparation and QC.

Highly experienced in laboratory design, set up, ordering, and maintenance.

Excellent in product support, data analysis, and trouble shooting.

Very experienced organizer and executor of trainings, demonstrations, and workshops with variable teaching methods for hands-on trainings and presentations. 11 years of training experience, additional knowledge from the teaching studies, and train the trainer courses.

Skilled in creation of marketing materials.

Years of multicultural experience, within international PerkinElmer and at customer site worldwide.


Master of Philosophy University of Oulu, Finland

Major subject: genetics

Minor subjects: biochemistry, botany, zoology

Pedagogic studies

School of Vocational Teacher Education of Oulu, Finland


ART in a fertility clinic

Biopsy workshop

Management development curriculum

Research ethics

Responsible research

Effective writing

Train the trainer

SACB education program

Personal details:
Interests and Hobbies:


People reading

Cycling, swimming, sauna

Further Information:






MS Office

NGS and Array softwares


Awarded 2 times for Recognition and Reward award for creative contribution Awarded 4 times for Outstanding product support individual, product management and support

Interested working in USA, Europe, Middle East, and Australia


Rose, Rajiv & Venkatesh, Aishwarya & Pietilä, Sanna & Jabeen, Gazala & M. Jagadeesh, Sujatha & Seshadri, Suresh. (2019). Utility and performance of bacterial artificial chromosomes-on-beads assays in chromosome analysis of clinical prenatal samples, products of conception and blood samples: Performance and clinical utility of BoB tests. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research. 2019; 45 (4):830-840.

Xiaofan Zhu, Huilin Wang, Baoheng Gui, Wan Chee Cheung, Mengmeng Shi, Zhenjun Yang, Ka Yin Kwok, Ricky Lim, Pietila, Sanna, Kwong Wai Choy, 2019 A robust polymerase chain reaction-based assay for quantifying cytosine-guanine-guanine trinucleotide repeats in Fragile X mental retardation-1 gene. 2019. JoVE.

PGS Workflow -application note

Use of array CGH for molecular karyotyping of amniotic fluid and chorionic villae samples -application note

EP1766360A1 - Method and device for taking and dispensing a sample, 2007.

Automated genomic DNA purification from mouse ear using QuickPick™ gDNA reagents and MagRo™ 8-M robotic workstation -technical note

Purification of DNA fragments using QuickPick™ DNA Fragment kit and PickO™ gel exciser -application note

Yields of different plasmid DNA from E. coli cultures using the QuickPick™ Plasmid DNA kit -application note

Detection of Phytophthora ramorum using QuickPick™ Plant DNA kit for DNA purification in the field -technical note

Video productions; microarray user video, BoBs for prenatal, POC, and PGT-A videos, and FragilEase method, JoVE


Speaker at 4th Sincere A.R.T. Workshop 2018, presented two options for PGT-A for 200 participants

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