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Sami Obaya

Full Name: Sami Obaya
Position Sought: Embryologist
Primary Language: English, Spanish
Address: Oslo
Telephone: +34722125166
E-mail: Contact Sami
 Profile and objectives
Embryologist position in Norway
  Main resume

Embryologist. Performing advanced skills and techniques used in the andrology and IVF laboratory at the Copenhagen Fertility Center—Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Assessed gametes morphology and quality analysis by following different classifications.

  • Performed Artificial Insemination for both IVF and ICSI.

  • Assessed and processed testicular biopsies.

  • Handled together with doctors and midwives oocyte pick up and embryo transfers.

  • Assessment and treatment of patients, with a special focus on religious inquiries and international patients that have difficulty speaking English.

  • Performed gametes cryopreservation and thawing. Oocyte and Embryo Vitrification and Sperm freezing and thawing.

  • Performed different skills required in the ART laboratory: Embryo transfer using different cannulas types, Infectious samples washing procedures, traceability of samples, patient files management, and consent forms signing.

  • Processed and supervised both receiving and sending of oocytes, embryos and sperm tissues.

  • Performed and was responsible, together with the scientific director, for scientific studies developed in the clinic.

Embryologist intern. Learning basic skills and techniques used in the andrology and IVF laboratory at the Copenhagen Fertility Center—Copenhagen, Denmark

Project Leader. Responsible for planning and overseeing projects, training store managers, and coordinating teams of 10-15 people to deliver projects on time within the budget and with the desired outcomes aligned to objectives. International danish company. Work performed in Denmark, London and Oslo.

  • Supervised the day to day operation achieving the best performing stores in the market by creating strong teams with consistent increased revenue and gross margin and optimisation of the workforce to optimise HR budget allocation. This role was critical during Covid where new measures had to be supervised and implemented constantly and workforce to optimise HR resources.

  • Developed operational excellence by training and giving tools to Managers and employees focusing on leadership and team building techniques to achieve KPI’s.

  • Planned and led Turnaround Projects in underperforming teams and stores by performing a diagnostic, data analysis, development of restructuring plan and implementing it to reach KPI’s and meet stakeholders objectives.

Career History:

Master of Science in Human Assisted Reproductive Technologies

UPF Barcelona School of Management—Barcelona, Spain, Copenhagen, Denmark
Master Thesis in Mild Stimulation Number of Oocytes Retrieved in Relation to Pretreatment Anti-Müllerian Hormone

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona — Barcelona, Spain
Bachelor Thesis in Biofuel Synthesis from Genetically Engineered Algae, a Viable Solution to Fossil Fuels

Personal details:
Interests and Hobbies:
Further Information:

Languages: English - Proficient, Spanish and Catalan - Native, French, Italian and Arabic- Fluent, Norwegian and Danish - Intermediate


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