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RI's expertise in optics and micromanipulation allows us to offer a carefully chosen package for Intracytoplasmic Morphologically-selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) which provides excellent image quality yet remains simple and practical for routine clinical use, without unnecessary expense. 


Optimised for fast clinical assessments

Up to 7000x magnification

Can be used with standard plastic Petri dishes, glass dishes not required

Compatible with all popular inverted microscopes and micromanipulation systems

The RI IMSI solution allows morphological screening of sperm cells at very high magnification and in real time. Studies suggest that this can lead to higher pregnancy rates1,2.

Pioneer IMSI systems used 100x oil immersion objectives with DIC illumination to obtain the best possible resolution, and zoom C-mounts
to increase the magnification. These systems are expensive, time-consuming and difficult to work with, and are widely perceived to be too cumbersome for routine clinical application. Sperm samples degenerate rapidly so speed is very important.

The RI IMSI package has been designed for quick and easy routine clinical use, with the same microscope that you use for ICSI, thus maximising the benefit of the technique. Standard plastic dishes can be used, removing the need to transfer between dishes, and saving time and money.

We supply an imaging package including a high-sensitivity camera, medical-grade monitor and versatile imaging software. Working with
Modulation Optics Inc., RI have developed a unique, highly sensitive optical system with a 60x objective ensuring a high-resolution source image.

Our digital camera (the DC2) has been specifically designed for IMSI imaging. The large sensor has high-sensitivity pixels for bright,
high-contrast images. The pixel count is a perfect match for the resolution of the optics, and allows smooth video at 15 frames per second. Practicality is assured by its compact size and easy USB connection.

The higher-resolution cameras offered on some systems actually result in poorer image quality due to less sensitive sensors, and poor
frame rates.

We supply a top quality medical-grade monitor which offers colour depth and accuracy vastly superior to standard PC monitors, and is perfect for accurately reproducing the subtle details in moving sperm images.

RI IMSI is supplied with the easy to use RI Viewer software – the only application you need for ICSI and IMSI. Capture, record, annotate
and measure, with intuitive zoom and pan.

1Bartoov, B et al,
2002. Real-Time Fine Morphology of Motile Human Sperm Cells is Associated With IVF-ICSI Outcome, Journal of Andrology,Vol. 23, No. 1, January/February 2002

2Cassuto, N et al, 2009. A new real-time morphology classification for human spermatozoa: a link for fertilization and improved embryo quality, Fertility and Sterility, Vol. 92, No. 5, November 2009


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