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11. Samir Debs (Russia)

Position Wanted: Senior Embryologist / Trainer for novice embryologists

Views: 771Updated: 04 November 2022

12. Jo Johnson (United Kingdom)

Position Wanted: Experienced Locum Embryologist Available
"Clinical Embryologist with over 35 years experience available for locum work."
Views: 584Updated: 03 October 2022

13. Fatima Akimzhan (Казахстан)

Position Wanted: Embryologist
"An individual approach to each patient. 1200 cycles per year in the clinic where I work. Fully trained embryologist with 6 years of experience. My goal is to achieve a victorious result."
Views: 748Updated: 24 August 2022

14. Dr Andrew Glazier (UK)

Position Wanted: Locum Consultant Clinical Embryologist/Locum embryologist / Andrologist / Consultant (on or off site) UK, Europe and Worldwide
"Locum Consultant Clinical Embryologist available to UK, EU, Middle East, or Worldwide clinics. Based in the UK within easy reach of all transport hubs. Short or long-term contracts considered, available immediately. On-site, off site or visiting, available for all requirements and unbiased/non-commercial advice on how to achieve optimal results."
Views: 22604Updated: 14 October 2022

15. Jay Hackworth (United States)

Position Wanted: Locum Embryologist
Jay Hackworth "Locum Senior Embryologist/ ASCP certified Medical Technologist will travel nationwide/worldwide to cover any length cycles. I can assist other Personnel, train in new techniques, streamline current techniques, or run the entire cycle. Trained and experienced in all areas of the laboratory. Negotiable rates, available on short notice."
Views: 3624Updated: 11 October 2021

16. Ester Arissa Lopez de los Mozos (Ireland)

Position Wanted: Senior Embryologist
"Embryologist with more than 7 years experience opened to new opportunities in a place were my job will be recognized, with ethics and SOP well defined. Habituated to work in a multicultural environment. Ability to work in a team or individually, prioritize work under varied and urgent conditions and communicate effectively with the staff."
Views: 1965Updated: 10 November 2022

17. Dr. Rajeev Sharma (India)

Position Wanted: Embryology Services
Dr. Rajeev Sharma "I believe in hardworking and developing effective, trust-based relationships with our co-workers. I have a 14 years of experience in human & animal embryology."
Views: 2795Updated: 08 April 2022

18. ahmad samir (Egypt)

Position Wanted: senior embryologist
ahmad samir "•Getting more experience in the field of Theriogenology (Reproductive Biotechnology) Where my education, research and professional skills will be used, enhanced and development •Improving my income and ensuring a better future for myself •Having a satisfactory rewarding job in a filed I'm interested in."
Views: 5988Updated: 29 January 2020

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