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11. Yulia Shtyrya (United Kingdom)

Position Wanted: Senior embryologist/Embryologist/Andrologist
Yulia Shtyrya "Clinical Embryologist with solid academic career and 8 years of clinical experience available for full-time and part-time"
Views: 598Updated: 17 December 2018

12. Raad Abdulkarim (Iraq)

Position Wanted: Embryologist(lab director), PGD technician, trainer
Raad Abdulkarim "Senior Embryologist(lab director) ready to give assistance and training in issues related to semen preparation,ICSI,vitrification,PGD,general assessment to IVF labs problems."
Views: 586Updated: 01 November 2018

13. Dr Andrew Glazier (UK)

Position Wanted: Consultant Clinical Embryologist / Locum embryologist / Andrologist / Consultant (on or off site) UK, Europe and Worldwide
"Locum Consultant Clinical Embryologist available for deployment in the UK, EU, Middle East or Worldwide. Based in the UK within easy reach of all transport hubs. Short or long term contracts considered, available immediately. On site, off site or visiting, available for all requirements and advice on how to achieve optimal results."
Views: 17189Updated: 14 April 2019

14. Tamer AbdelHamed (Egypt)

Position Wanted: Ivf lab director & Embryologist
Tamer AbdelHamed "Ivf lab director & embryologist, over 15 years experience in field of ART( more than 8 years as embryologist, more than 2 years as IVF lab director). master degree in reproductive Techniques ( IVF, ICSI) Freelancing services: ICSI, embryo biopsy, PGD\PGS, freezing thawing embryo/oocyte Available for locum work."
Views: 1711Updated: 18 December 2017


Position Wanted: EMBRYOLOGIST
""I have been practicing embryology since 2015. I have extensive experience in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology. I earned my Post Graduate Degree in CLINICAL EMBRYOLOGY from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and I hold MASTER OF SCIENCE degree in MICROBILOGY from PUNE UNIVERSITY INDIA."
Views: 2626Updated: 26 June 2018

16. Tagreed shehab (Syrian Arab Republic)

Position Wanted: Ivf-ICSI lab manager
"I like my job, society assisted with the staff, try to improve my self"
Views: 4020Updated: 20 January 2017

17. Khaled Abu Ali (Sweden)

Position Wanted: Embryologist
"Hello my name is Khaled Abu Ali, i am 32years old. I am an Embryologist working in IVI RMA Muscat, my work experience range from egg collection, semen analysis and preparation, sperm freezing, ICSI, embryo vitrification, TESA & PESA and finally embryo thawing. I am a passionate embryologist and is ready to relocate."
Views: 993Updated: 17 April 2019

18. ahmad samir (Egypt)

Position Wanted: senior embryologist
ahmad samir "•Getting more experience in the field of Theriogenology (Reproductive Biotechnology) Where my education, research and professional skills will be used, enhanced and development •Improving my income and ensuring a better future for myself •Having a satisfactory rewarding job in a filed I'm interested in."
Views: 3494Updated: 12 January 2019

19. MIRA BAJIROVA (France)

Position Wanted: Consultant IVF
MIRA BAJIROVA "Assistant Professor Consultant Ob-Gyn, IVF (Paris, France) Multiple University Degrees International Experience Speaking several languages Job experience in the World Class IVF with Prof Frydman (Paris)"
Views: 4633Updated: 08 December 2017

20. Veronica Saez (Spain)

Position Wanted: Embryologist
"To work in the field of Embryology, Andrology, IVF,etc. working and research, helping humanity and getting new solutions for patients of infertility."
Views: 8430Updated: 09 August 2011

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