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Reproductive BioMedicine Online: September 2019 (Volume 39, Issue 3)

Reproductive BioMedicine Online

09 September 2019

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Reproductive BioMedicine Online: September 2019 (Volume 39, Issue 3)




A mouse model for the effects of IVF procedures on the development of embryos 
Catherine Aiken, Martin Johnson 


Experimental reproductive biology


Beneficial treatment effects of dietary nitrate supplementation on testicular injury in streptozotocin-induced diabetic male rats 
Rana Keyhanmanesh, Gholamreza Hamidian, Mohammad Reza Alipour, Hajar Oghbaei 


Differential impacts of gonadotrophins, IVF and embryo culture on mouse blastocyst development 
Miaoxin Chen, Siew L Wong, Linda L Wu, Yasmyn E Gordon, Leonie K Heilbronn, Rebecca L Robker 


DNA methylation and histone post-translational modifications in the mouse germline following in-vitro maturation of fresh or cryopreserved prepubertal testicular tissue 
Antoine Oblette, Julie Rondeaux, Ludovic Dumont, Marion Delessard, Justine Saulnier, Aurélie Rives, Nathalie Rives, Christine Rondanino 


Clinical embryology


Births from embryos with highly elevated levels of mitochondrial DNA 
Andrea Victor, Darren Griffin, David K. Gardner, Alan Brake, Christo Zouves, Frank Barnes, Manuel Viotti 


Clinical assisted reproductive technology


Treatment of hydrosalpinx in relation to IVF outcome: a systematic review and meta-analysis 
Alexander Volodarsky-Perel, William Buckett, Togas Tulandi 


Use of cabergoline and post-collection GnRH antagonist administration for prevention of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome 
Guy Shrem, Naama Steiner, Jacques Balayla, Alexander Volodarsky-Perel, Samer Tannus, Weon-Young Son, Michael H Dahan 


Modified natural-cycle cryopreserved embryo transfer: is a washout period needed after a failed fresh cycle? 
Eran Horowitz, Yossi Mizrachi, Jacob Farhi, Amir Shalev, Arieh Raziel, Ariel Weissman 


Weekly intramuscular progesterone for luteal phase support in women receiving oocyte donation is associated with a decreased miscarriage rate 
Clémence Delcour, Geoffroy Robin, Anne-Sophie Delesalle, Elodie Drumez, Pauline Plouvier, Didier Dewailly, Sophie Catteau-Jonard 


Assisted reproductive techniques in Latin America: the Latin American Registry 2016 
Fernando Zegers-Hochschild, Juan Enrique Schwarze, Javier A Crosby, Carolina Musri, Maria Teresa Urbina 


Live birth rates remain stable in modified natural IVF despite low anti-Müllerian hormone: analysis of 638 cycles 
Lise Preaubert, Talya Shaulov, Simon Phillips, Melissa Stutz, Isaac Jacques Kadoch, Camille Sylvestre, Pierre Lehmann 




Pregnancy following diagnosis of premature ovarian insufficiency: a systematic review 
Eloise Fraison, Giselle Crawford, Gabrielle Casper, Victoria Harris, William Ledger 


Systematic and standardized hysteroscopic endometrial injury for treatment of recurrent implantation failure 
Timur Gürgan, Ziya Kalem, Müberra N Kalem, Halil Ruso, Moncef Benkhalifa, Antonis Makrigiannakis 


Predictors of reproductive outcomes following myomectomy for intramural fibroids 
Oshrit Lebovitz, Raoul Orvieto, Kaitlyn E. James, Aaron K. Styer, Douglas N. Brown 


Fertility of women with cystic fibrosis: a French survey 
Anna Tournier, Marlène Murris, Anne Prevotat, Annlyse Fanton, Célia Bettiol, Jean Parinaud 


Periconception, pregnancy and child outcomes


Comparison and appraisal of (inter)national recurrent pregnancy loss guidelines 
Angelos Youssef, Nathalie Vermeulen, E.E. Lisa O. Lashley, Mariëtte Goddijn, Marie Louise P. van der Hoorn 


Pregnancy and perinatal outcomes of first-trimester crown−rump length discordant IVF dichorionic twin pregnancies – a retrospective cohort study 
Shan Xiao, Hongzhan Zhang, Meilan Mo, Xiaodong Hu, Yong Zeng, Lina Hu 


Reproductive endocrinology and health


Association of gene polymorphisms in the anti-Müllerian hormonesignalling pathway with ovarian function: a systematic review and meta-analysis 
Ran Cheng, Wei Xiong, Xiaoyan Luo, Yaxian Ma, Ying Nie, Xiaoyong Qiao, Hui Chen, Ying Hu, Liangzhi Xu 


Anti-Müllerian hormone as a diagnostic tool for PCOS under different diagnostic criteria in an unselected population 
Gurkan Bozdag, Sezcan Mumusoglu, Zuhal Yapici Coskun, Hakan Yarali, Bulent Okan Yildiz 


Women’s health providers’ perspectives on preimplantation genetic testing 
Phillip A. Romanski, Kaitlyn E. James, Mary E. Sabatini 




Supraphysiologic oestradiol concentration in frozen cycles and low birth weight: the evidence is there 
Gabriel Levin, Amihai Rottenstreich 

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