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Reproductive BioMedicine Online: November 2017 (Volume 35, Issue 5)

Reproductive BioMedicine Online

09 December 2017

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Perivitelline threads: an overlooked feature of cleavage-stage human embryos or an epiphenomenon in search of a function? 
Jonathan Van Blerkom, Mina Alikani 


Clinical embryology




Effect of repeated cryopreservation on human embryo developmental potential 
Xiaoying Zheng, Yuan Chen, Jie Yan, Yuqi Wu, Xinjie Zhuang, Shengli Lin, Jinliang Zhu, Ying Lian, Jie Qiao, Ping Liu 


Duration of blastulation may be associated with ongoing pregnancy rate in single euploid blastocyst transfer cycles 
Sezcan Mumusoglu, Irem Y. Ozbek, Lale K. Sokmensuer, Mehtap Polat, Gurkan Bozdag, Evangelos Papanikolaou, Hakan Yarali 


Perivitelline threads associated with fragments in human cleavage stage embryos observed through time-lapse microscopy 
Ranya Derrick, Cristina Hickman, Oriol Oliana, Thomas Wilkinson, Danielle Gwinnett, Lucy Benham Whyte, Anna Carby, Stuart Lavery 


Perivitelline threads in cleavage-stage human embryos: observations using time-lapse imaging 
Louise Kellam, Laura M. Pastorelli, Angel M. Bastida, Amy Senkbeil, Sue Montgomery, Simon Fishel, Alison Campbell 


Assisted reproductive technology




Curvilinear relationship between age and assisted reproduction technique success: retrospective analyses of US National ART Surveillance System data from 2010–2014 
Yalcin Yavas 


Sociocultural determinants of US women's ethical views on various fertility treatments 
Stephen C. Collins, Esther Chan 


Double ovarian stimulation during the follicular and luteal phase in women ≥38 years: a retrospective case-control study 
Conghui Liu, Hong Jiang, Wenxiang Zhang, Huiqun Yin 


Low oocyte yield during IVF treatment and the risk of a trisomic pregnancy 
Talita Honorato, Annemieke Hoek, Anna-Karina Henningsen, Anja Pinborg, Ojvind Lidegaard, Thea Mooij, Floor van Leeuwen, Jolande Land, Henk Groen, Maaike Haadsma, on behalf of the OMEGA project group 


Preimplantation genetic screening: results of a worldwide web-based survey 
Ariel Weissman, Gon Shoham, Zeev Shoham, Simon Fishel, Milton Leong, Yuval Yaron 


Dual trigger of final oocyte maturation in poor ovarian responders undergoing IVF/ICSI cycles 
Jie Zhang, Yun Wang, Xiaoyan Mao, Qiuju Chen, Qingqing Hong, Renfei Cai, Shaozhen Zhang, Yanping Kuang 






Perinatal outcomes after gestational surrogacy versus autologous IVF: analysis of national data 
Sesh Kamal Sunkara, Belavendra Antonisamy, Hepsy Y. Selliah, Mohan S. Kamath 


Male reproduction and fertility (MRF)




Effect of micronutrient supplementation on IVF outcomes: a systematic review of the literature 
Samuel Kofi Arhin, Yu Zhao, XiaoSheng Lu, Mandika Chetry, JieQiang Lu 




Online sperm donors: the impact of family, friends, personality and risk perception on behaviour 
Stephen Whyte, David A. Savage, Benno Torgler 


Periconception, pregnancy and child outcomes




Cumulative live birth rate following elective single blastocyst transfer compared with double blastocyst transfer in women aged 40 years and over 
Samer Tannus, Yoni Cohen, Weon-Young Son, Tal Shavit, Michael-Haim Dahan 


Reproductive endocrinology and health




Reproductive outcomes in recipients are not associated with oocyte donor body mass index up to 28 kg/m2: a cohort study of 2722 cycles 
Francisca Martínez, Alejandro Kava-Braverman, Elisabet Clúa, Ignacio Rodríguez, Sofia Gaggiotti Marre, Buenaventura Coroleu, Pedro N. Barri 




Review the ‘peer review’ 
Christophe Blockeel, Panagiotis Drakopoulos, Nikolaos P. Polyzos, Herman Tournaye, Juan Antonio García-Velasco 




Corrigendum to ‘Live birth derived from oocyte spindle transfer to prevent mitochondrial disease’ 
John Zhang, Hui Liu, Shiyu Luo, Zhuo Lu, Alejandro Chávez-Badiola, Zitao Liu, Mingxue Yang, Zaher Merhi, Sherman J. Silber, Santiago Munné, Michalis Konstantinidis, Dagan Wells, Jian J. Tang, Taosheng Huang 


Corrigendum to ‘Ovarian function 6 years after cryopreservation and transplantation of whole sheep ovaries’ [Reproductive BioMedicine Online 34 (2010) 48–52 
A. Arav, Z. Gavish, A. Elami, Y. Natan, A. Revel, S. Silber, R.G. Gosden, P. Patrizio 

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