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Reproductive BioMedicine Online: November 2017 (Volume 35, Issue 5)

Reproductive BioMedicine Online

20 November 2017

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Experimental reproductive biology




FMR1 and AKT/mTOR signalling pathways: potential functional interactions controlling folliculogenesis in human granulosa cells 
Julia Rehnitz, Diego D. Alcoba, Ilma S. Brum, Katrin Hinderhofer, Berthe Youness, Thomas Strowitzki, Peter H. Vogt 


Clinical embryology




The Vienna consensus: report of an expert meeting on the development of ART laboratory performance indicators  Open Access


Time-lapse culture with morphokinetic embryo selection improves pregnancy and live birth chances and reduces early pregnancy loss: a meta-analysis 
Csaba Pribenszky, Anna-Maria Nilselid, Markus Montag 
Open Access




Should we consider day-2 and day-3 embryo morphology before day-5 transfer when blastocysts reach a similar good quality? 
Charlene Herbemont, Solmaz Sarandi, Jeremy Boujenah, Isabelle Cedrin-Durnerin, Nathalie Sermondade, Alexandre Vivot, Christophe Poncelet, Michael Grynberg, Christophe Sifer 


Assisted reproductive technology




Inositol supplementation in women with polycystic ovary syndrome undergoing intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials 
Nicolás Mendoza, Laura Pérez, Tommaso Simoncini, Alessandro Genazzani 




Impact of the outcome of fresh blastocyst transfer on the subsequent frozen-thawed blastocyst transfer cycle 
Tarek El-Toukhy, Julia Y. Kopeika, Yusuf Beebeejaun, Omar El Tokhy, Jyotsna Pundir, Yacoub Khalaf 




First birth following spindle transfer 
Norbert Gleicher, Vitaly A. Kushnir, David A. Albertini, David H. Barad 


Response: First birth following spindle transfer 
James A. Boiani, Jacques Cohen 


Response: First birth following spindle transfer - should we stay or should we go? 
Zitao Liu, Zaher Merhi, John Zhang, Taosheng Huang 


Response from the Editors: First birth following spindle transfer 
Mina Alikani, Bart C.J. Fauser, Juan Antonio García-Valesco, Joe Leigh Simpson, Martin H. Johnson 






The impact of adenomyosis on the outcome of IVF–embryo transfer 
Dimitrios Mavrelos, Tom K. Holland, Oliver O'Donovan, Mohamed Khalil, George Ploumpidis, Davor Jurkovic, Yakoub Khalaf 


A prospective, randomized, controlled trial comparing two doses of oestrogen therapy after hysteroscopic adhesiolysis to prevent intrauterine adhesion recurrence 
Jun Guo, TC Li, YuHuan Liu, EnLan Xia, Yu Xiao, FengQiong Zhou, Xue Yang 


Male reproduction and fertility (MRF)




Abnormal retention of nuclear lamina and disorganization of chromatin-related proteins in spermatozoa from DPY19L2-deleted globozoospermic patients 
Marine Paci, Razan Elkhatib, Guy Longepied, Sylviane Hennebicq, Julien Bessonat, Blandine Courbière, Patrice Bourgeois, Nicolas Levy, Michael J. Mitchell, Catherine Metzler-Guillemain 


Increased insulin resistance in men with unexplained infertility 
Ragaa Mansour, Yahia El-Faissal, Ahmed Kamel, Omnia Kamal, Gamal Aboulserour, Mohamed Aboulghar, Ibrahim Fahmy 
Open Access


Periconception, pregnancy and child outcomes




Early miscarriage rate in lean polycystic ovary syndrome women after euploid embryo transfer – a matched-pair study 
Lu Luo, Fang Gu, Huying Jie, Chenhui Ding, Qiang Zhao, Qiong Wang, Canquan Zhou 


Pregnancy outcomes of women with a congenital unicornuate uterus after IVF–embryo transfer 
Xihong Li, Yan Ouyang, Yan Yi, Ge Lin, Guangxiu Lu, Fei Gong 


Reproductive endocrinology and health




Pathogenesis of adenomyosis: an update on molecular mechanisms 
Silvia Vannuccini, Claudia Tosti, Francisco Carmona, S. Joseph Huang, Charles Chapron, Sun-Wei Guo, Felice Petraglia 




Significant correlation between anti-müllerian hormone and embryo euploidy in a subpopulation of infertile patients 
Itai Gat, Basheer AlKudmani, Karen Wong, Khaled Zohni, Noga Fuchs Weizman, Clifford Librach, Prati Sharma 


The significance of polymorphism and expression of oestrogen metabolism-related genes in Chinese women with premature ovarian insufficiency 
Chunrong Qin, Yong Chen, Qing Lin, Jilong Yao, Weiqing Wu, Jiansheng Xie 


Serum and follicular fluid testosterone concentrations do not correlate, questioning the impact of androgen supplementation on the follicular endocrine milieu 
Michael von Wolff, Petra Stute, Markus Eisenhut, Ulrich Marti, Norman Bitterlich, Nick A. Bersinger 

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