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Reproductive BioMedicine Online: July 2018 (Volume 37, Issue 1)

Reproductive BioMedicine Online

18 June 2018

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Cryostorage of human gametes and embryos: a reckoning 
Mina Alikani 




Remembering J Michael Bedford (1932 – 2018): a great thinker and scholar 
Ryuzo Yanagimachi, Mina Alikani 


Experimental reproductive biology




What is the best protocol to cryopreserve immature mouse testicular cell suspensions? 
Jaime Onofre, Katrien Faes, Prashant Kadam, Elena Vicini, Ans M.M. van Pelt, Ellen Goossens 


Clinical embryology




Early oocyte denudation does not compromise ICSI cycle outcome: a large retrospective cohort study 
Osama Naji, Natalie Moska, Yaser Dajani, Awatuf El-Shirif, Hassan El-Ashkar, Mohamed M. Hosni, Mohamed Khalil, Yacoub Khalaf, Virginia Bolton, Tarek El-Toukhy 


Screening of miRNAs in human follicular fluid reveals an inverse relationship between microRNA-663b expression and blastocyst formation 
Jing Fu, Rong-gui Qu, Yi-jing Zhang, Rui-huan Gu, Xiong Li, Yi-juan Sun, Lei Wang, Qing Sang, Xiao-xi Sun 


Assisted reproductive technology




Blastocyst vitrification, cryostorage and warming does not affect live birth rate, infant birth weight or timing of delivery 
Lucky Sekhon, Joseph A. Lee, Eric Flisser, Alan B. Copperman, Daniel Stein 


Predicting live birth for poor ovarian responders: the PROsPeR concept 
Philippe Lehert, Wai Chin, Joan Schertz, Thomas D'Hooghe, Carlo Alviggi, Peter Humaidan 
Open Access






Prediction of Endometriosis Fertility Index in patients with endometriosis-associated infertility after laparoscopic treatment 
Xianghui Zhang, Dong Liu, Wei Huang, Qiushi Wang, Xue Feng, Jing Tan 


Clinical practice guidelines for fertility preservation in young women undergoing gonadotoxic treatment: an overview and critical appraisal of methodological quality and content 
Özlem Baysal, Jozefien A.M. Hamilton, Carl J.C.M. Hamilton, Didi D.M. Braat, Catharina C.M. Beerendonk, Willianne L.D.M. Nelen 


Survival of selected patients with ovarian cancer treated with fertility-sparing surgery 
Nora Elisabeth Hedbäck, Mona Aarenstrup Karlsen, Claus Kim Høgdall, Mikkel Rosendahl 


Oocyte retrieval difficulties in women with ovarian endometriomas 
Laura Benaglia, Andrea Busnelli, Rossella Biancardi, Walter Vegetti, Marco Reschini, Paolo Vercellini, Edgardo Somigliana 


Male reproduction and fertility




Genome-wide screening for smallest regions of overlaps in cryptorchidism 
Kristian Urh, Tanja Kunej 


Sperm meiotic segregation of a balanced interchromosomal reciprocal insertion resulting in recurrent spontaneous miscarriage 
Gaëlle Salaun, Andrei Tchirkov, Christine Francannet, Hanae Pons, Florence Brugnon, Celine Pebrel-Richard, Laetitia Gouas, Eleonore Eymard-Pierre, Philippe Vago, Carole Goumy 


Reproductive endocrinology and health




Duplication of SOX9 associated with 46,XX ovotesticular disorder of sex development 
Berenice López-Hernández, Juan Pablo Méndez, Ramón Mauricio Coral-Vázquez, Jesús Benítez-Granados, Juan Carlos Zenteno, Vanessa Villegas-Ruiz, Raúl Calzada-León, Daniela Soderlund, Patricia Canto 


Very low anti-müllerian hormone concentrations are not an independent predictor of embryo quality and pregnancy rate 
Alberto Pacheco, María Cruz, Carlos Iglesias, Juan Antonio García-Velasco 




Scoring of mosaic embryos after preimplantation genetic testing: a rollercoaster ride between fear, hope and embryo wastage 
Maximilian Murtinger, Barbara Wirleitner, Maximilian Schuff 


Response: scoring of mosaic embryos after preimplantation genetic testing – the rollercoaster ride between fear, hope and embryo wastage 
Francesca Romana Grati, Gloria Gallazzi, Lara Branca, Federico Maggi, Giuseppe Simoni, Yuval Yaron 

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