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Reproductive Biomedicine Online - December 2018 Volume 37, Issue 6, p653-782

Reproductive Biomedicine Online

10 December 2018

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Experimental reproductive biology

Evaluation of a new freezing protocol containing 20% dimethyl sulphoxide concentration to cryopreserve human ovarian tissue 
Miguel Gallardo, Fernanda Paulini, Ariadna Corral, Marcin Balcerzyk, Carolina M. Lucci, Jérôme Ambroise, Marta Merola, Laura Fernandez-maza, Rámon Risco, Marie-Madeleine Dolmans, Christiani A. Amorim 

Clinical embryology

Do immature and mature sibling oocytes recovered from stimulated cycles have the same reproductive potential? 
L. Escrich, Y. Galiana, N. Grau, F. Insua, N. Soler, A. Pellicer, M.J. Escribá 
Oocyte developmental competence is independent of ovarian reserve in women younger than 35 years 
María Jesús López Martín, Désirée García, Rita Vassena, Amelia Rodríguez 

Assisted reproductive technology

Assisted reproductive techniques in Latin America: the Latin American Registry, 2015 
Fernando Zegers-Hochschild, Juan Enrique Schwarze, Javier Crosby, Carolina Musri, Maria Teresa Urbina 
Oral versus transdermal oestrogen delivery for endometrial preparation before embryo transfer: a prospective, comparative, randomized clinical trial 
P Ferrer Molina, C Calatayud Lliso, R Carreras Collado, M Muñoz García, M Díaz Bachiller, J Blanes Espí, M Checa 
The use of intracytoplasmic sperm injection is associated with a shift in the secondary sex ratio 
Christoph Cirkel, Inke R. König, Askan Schultze-Mosgau, Elmar Beck, Kay Neumann, Georg Griesinger 


Hysteroscopic septum resection and reproductive medicine: A SWOT analysis 
M.A. Checa, J. Bellver, E. Bosch, J.J. Espinós, F. Fabregues, J. Fontes, J. García-Velasco, A. Requena 

Male reproduction and fertility

Anti-sperm antibodies detection by a modified MAR test: Towards a better definition of its indications 
Nicolas Gatimel, Jessika Moreau, François Isus, Nathalie Moinard, Jean Parinaud, Roger D. Leandri 

Periconception, pregnancy and child outcomes

Gestational surrogacy: results of 10 years of experience in the Netherlands
Henrike E. Peters, Roel Schats, Marieke O. Verhoeven, Velja Mijatovic, Christianne J.M. de Groot, Joanna L. Sandberg, Immelie. P. Peeters, Cornelis B. Lambalk 
Prenatal exposure to persistent organic compounds and their association with anogenital distance in infants 
Carmen Loreto-Gómez, Paulina Farías, Hortensia Moreno-Macías, Carolina Guzmán, Horacio Riojas-Rodríguez 

Reproductive endocrinology and health

Assessment of anogenital distance as a diagnostic tool in polycystic ovary syndrome 
Ana I Hernández-Peñalver, Maria L Sánchez-Ferrer, Jaime Mendiola, Evdochia Adoamnei, Maria T Prieto-Sánchez, Shiana Corbalán-Biyang, Ana Carmona-Barnosi, Aníbal Nieto, Alberto M Torres-Cantero 
Sexual function in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis 
Hester Pastoor, Reinier Timman, Cora de Klerk, Wichor M Bramer, Ellen TM Laan, Joop SE Laven 
Open Access
Gynaecologists’ view on diagnostic delay and care performance in endometriosis in the Netherlands 
M. van der Zanden, M.W.J. Arens, D.D.M. Braat, W.L.M. Nelen, A.W. Nap 
Active compounds present inRosmarinus officinalis leaves andScutellaria baicalensis root evaluated as new therapeutic agents for endometriosis 
Luciana Ferella, Juan Ignacio Bastón, Mariela Andrea Bilotas, José Javier Singla, Alejandro Martín González, Carla Noemí Olivares, Gabriela Fabiana Meresman 

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