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Prof Asok K Bhattacharyya has passed away on 17 June 2010

Parag Nandi, University of Calcutta


18 June 2010

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This is to inform you that our beloved and respected "Sir" Prof. Asok Kumar Bhattacharyya, former professor of Biochemistry & Reproductive Medicine, University of Calcutta, is no more with us. He has passed away on 17th June 2010 at 1 PM.

 He was actively involved with many academic programs and had collaborations with many Universities and Institutes from all over the world. We are stunned and speechless due to his sudden and sad demise. 

On 22nd June 2010 University of Calcutta, has called a condolence meeting in his memories at 04:00 PM (Indian time).


Prof. Asok K Bhattacharyya, PhD, DSc 

Prof. A. K. Bhattacharya, was Chairman, Institute of Reproductive Health and Toxicology, Calcutta; formerly, Director, Molecular Research and Investigation Centre, Cacutta 700017; and Professor of Biochemistry, Calcutta University, and in-charge of special course on Reproductive Biochemistry and Molecular Endocrinology at the Post Graduate (M.Sc.) course of Calcutta University, has received Ph.D. in Nucleic Acid Research, and D.Sc. in Reproductive Biology with specialization on human sperm enzymes in 1969 and 1983 respectively from University of Calcutta.  Prof. Bhattacharya also took American Society of Andrology (ASA) course from Houston, Texas, U.S.A in 1981.  He visited several countries with WHO advanced research fellowship, namely, University of Osaka Medical School, Japan; University of Bonn, Germany; University of Chicago, University of North Carolina, National Institute of Health, U.S.A.; from 1973 –1977.  He was invited as Assistant Visiting Professor at the University of Illinois Medical School, U.S.A., in 1981 – 82; as Visiting Professor at University of Bonn, Germany, 1990 – 91 and again as Visiting Professor at University of Minnesota, U.S.A. in 1999 – 2000. 

He was one of the invited members of Male Task Force Committee, WHO for several years and also member of ICMR Task Force on male reproductive health for several years. He was Vice-President of Fertility Research Association, Chicago in 1980 – 82.  He has more than 200 publications in national and international peer reviewed journals and several chapters in text books.  He was invited to present over 100 plenary / named lectures in many countries including Japan, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Canada, UK, and USA.  Till now, 30 students got their Ph.D. under his guidance which included eight students who did research work in herbal plants and its culture and he trained large number of students in Reproductive Biology. He convened several national and international Workshops and Symposia in Andrology and Reproductive Medicine.  He conducted several research projects from WHO and Govt. of India; and have collaborations with clinicians and scientists, including Dr. B. N. Chakraborty (Institute of Reproductive Medicine),  Dr. Hans van der Ven, University of Bonn, Germany, Dr. A. Agarwal, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, U.S.A., Prof. Klaus Diedrich, University of LÜbeck, Germany.  

 Recognition / Achievements / Memberships :

Awarded Research Fellowship from World Health Organization, Geneva, 1974-76.

Elected Fellow (FIC), Institute of Chemists, Calcutta, India.

Fellow (FICMCH), Indian College of Maternal and Child Health, Calcutta, India.

Founder Member, International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology, Milan, Italy.

Member, Task Force Committee, World Health Organization, Geneva, 1976 & 1984.

Fellow, West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology, Calcutta, India.

Member, Task Force Committee, Indian Council of Medical Research, 1982-99.

Vice-President, Fertility Research Organization, Chicago, USA, 1980-82.

Member, International Advisory Board, ARTA, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1991.

Research Collaborator, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Member of Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction (ISAR), India

Member of American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), USA

Member of Europian Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology (ESHRE), UK.

   Previous Positions Held  :


(a)        Professor & Chairman,                       (b)        Visiting Professor,

            Dept. of Biochemistry                                     Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology,

            Calcutta University,                                         University of Bonn,

            Calcutta - 700019, India.                                 5300 Bonn 1, Germany.

            (February 1990 – January 2005)                                 (October, 1990 - April, 1991)


(c)        Reader, Dept. of Biochemistry,          (d)        Visiting Assistant Professor,

            College of Science,                                          Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics,

            University of Calcutta,                                     University of Illinois Medical Center,

            Calcutta - 700019, India.                                 Chicago, Illinois 60616, U.S.A.

            (August, 1982 - January, 1990)                                   (March, 1980 - August, 1981)


(e)        Lecturer, Dept. of Biochemistry,         (f)        Fellow & Advanced Research Trainee,

            College of Science,                                          (World Health Organization,

            University of Calcutta,                                     Geneva,  Switzerland),

            Calcutta 700019, India.                                   Worked in 5 labs in Japan and USA.

            (August, 1970 - July, 1982)                             (October, 1973 - September, 1976)




WHO Fellow, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Osaka University Medical School, Japan, (Worked with Prof. K. Kurachi & Dr. O. Tsuzuku), April, 1974 – June, 1974.


WHO Fellow, Population Research Center, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL 60680, USA, (Worked with Prof. L. J. D. Zaneveld), July, 1974 – January, 1975.


WHO Fellow, Department of Pharmacology, University of North Carolina, NC 27514, USA, (Worked with Prof. W. E.  Stumpf), February 1975 – March, 1975.


WHO Fellow, Department of Molecular Biology, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD 20014, USA, (Worked with E. Gross), April, 1975 – May, 1975.


Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, University of Illinois at the Medical Center, Chicago, IL 60680, USA, (Worked with Prof. L. J. D. Zaneveld and Prof. G. F. B. Schumacher), June, 1975 – December, 1976.


Research Scientist, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Munich, (Worked with Prof. Hans Fritz in April, 1976); and Invited Expert, WHO Task Force Meeting at the University of Munich, Germany.


Research Scientist, University of Lund, Copenhagen, Denmark, (Short Lecture Course in the laboratory of Prof. E. Algrhen), April, 1976.


Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, University of Illinois at the Medical Center, Chicago, IL 60680, USA, (and Research Collaboration with Prof. L. J. D. Zaneveld and Prof. K. L. Polakoski, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, University of Washington, St. Louis, MO), March 1980 – August, 1981.


Visiting Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Bonn, Germany, (and Research Collaboration with Prof. Hans vander Ven and Prof. K. Diedrich), October, 1990 – April, 1991.


Visiting Professor, Department of Veterinary PathoBiology , University of Minnesota,  MN 55108, USA, August 01 – November 30, 1999.


Research Collaborator, The Reproductive Research Center, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH 44195, USA, October, 2004.


Visiting Scientist, University of Bonn, and University of Leubeck, Germany, October, 2006



CSIR (Govt. of India) Patent No. : 177530;  Date of Grant : 14.08.97;  Status : In Force / 98;  Title :   “Methods of isolation of four human seminal coagulum proteins before their spontaneous degradation and their preservation’

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