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Portable CO2 Meter

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Portable CO2 Meter The Vaisala CARBOCAP Hand-held Carbon Dioxide Meter GM70 with pump aspirated sampling is ideal for validating the calibration of incubators. Incubators are challenging to measure, as the gas sample is usually drawn from an environment with high temperature and high humidity into a room temperature environment, resulting in condensation. Condensation in the sample system can be avoided by using a sample tube made out of a material called Nafion. Nafion is highly selective in the removal of water. The water moves through the membrane wall and evaporates into the surrounding air very quickly, usually within 100 to 200 milliseconds. The GM70 incorporates the Vaisala CARBOCAP Sensor, which is a silicon-based NDIR sensor that provides excellent reliability and long-term stability. Features include ten measurement ranges between 020% CO2 and a two year recommended calibration interval. The GM70 has a multilingual user interface and a graphical LCD display. Data can be logged up to 30 days. The optional Windows software provides an easy-to-use interface to a PC. Probes for measuring relative humidity, temperature and dewpoint temperature can also be connected to the GM70. A carrying case incorporates all the equipment and keeps the setup ready for immediate measurement. Contact us for a brochure that answers frequently asked questions about measuring CO2 in incubators. Vaisala Inc. 10-D Gill St. Woburn, MA 01801 888-VAISALA (824-7252) [email protected]

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