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Online Session 11: Moving Sperm Forward

International IVF Initiative

02 May 2020

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Online Session 11: Moving Sperm Forward

Tuesday 5 May, 2020. 8PM GMT / 9PM CET / 3PM EST
Hosts Dr. Marlane Angle and Dr. Denny Sakkas

AI Driven Innovations in Automated Semen Analysis: Building A Better Mousetrap.
Dr. Ashok Agarwal

“Nature doesn’t use a centrifuge: Microfluidics and the future of sperm preparation”
Matt Feldman

Sperm DNA Fragmentation – Unlocking the secrets for the ART professional
Dr. Sandro Esteves

Organized by the International IVF Initiative

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Date Added: 02 May 2020   Date Updated: 02 May 2020
Customer Reviews (2)
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Thomas Elliott   07 May 2020
International IVF Initiative
Dear Leonardo, Thank you for your email. I very much appreciate your message. We have spoken at length on the inclusion of commercial companies within the meetings in part because much of the innovation in the industry is now coming from industry. We have taken a number of steps to manage this… i) All presenters must disclose conflicts of interest ii) Presenters may mention their affiliation of the first and last slide of the presentation but not during the presentation iii) The presentations must be focussed on science and not of a commercial nature To date we have not accepted any funding from any of the presentations or companies associated. Initially this was a self funded project for the benefit of all affected by the coronavirus. We have since received an educational grant from Theramex. As we move forward we will need to find a source of funding. As this project is specifically to provide education and stress relief during the pandemic we have been reluctant to charge.
Leonardo Formigli   06 May 2020
Dear Sirs, I am following these webinars since 5-6 sessions and I enjoyed many presentations. What displeases me are some panelists who take advantage of the webinar to advertise their device or lab, or Centre. I understand that the webinar faces costs and must be funded somehow, but I would rather be charged a certain amount and avoid some panelists selling their products. This would greatly raise the scientific and ethical level of the webinar. Thank you. Kind regards. Leonardo Formigli

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