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News: Irish government to set aside funds for IVF treatment

07 January 2019 by Ruth Retassie
The Irish government has said that it will dedicate funding to couples needing IVF and assisted reproduction treatments.
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Article: Comprehensive assessment of cryogenic storage risk and quality management concerns: best practice guidelines for ART labs

19 December 2018 by Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics
M. C. Schiewe & M. Freeman & J. B. Whitney & M. D. VerMilyea & A. Jones & M. Aguirre & C. Leisinger &G. Adaniya & N. Synder & R. Chilton & E. J. Behnke Abstract Recent publicized events of cryogenic storage tank failures have created nationwide concern among infertility patients and patients storing embryos and gametes for future use. To assure patient confidence, quality management (QM) plans applied by in vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratories need to include a more comprehensive focus on the cryostorage of reproductive specimens. The purpose of this review is to provide best practice guidelines for the cryogenic storage of sperm, oocytes, embryos, and other reproductive tissues (e.g., testicular and ovarian tissue, cord blood cells, and stem cells) and recommend a strategy of thorough and appropriate quality and risk management procedures aime.. [Visit Site]
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News: Two-thirds of fertility patients feel ripped off by IVF clinics

17 December 2018 by Ewa Zotow
Sixty-two percent of private IVF patients paid 'more than they expected' for treatment, according to the first national patient survey by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).
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News: UK legal system may impact decision to go abroad for surrogacy

17 December 2018 by Georgia Everett
A new study into the experience of British families undertaking surrogacy arrangements has shed light on the reasons some seek a surrogate in the UK while others choose to go abroad.
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Article: Cautious optimism at the first live birth after womb transplant from deceased donor

17 December 2018 by Dr Natasha Hammond-Browning
The news broke on the 4 December 2018 that clinicians had achieved a successful pregnancy and live birth following a uterus transplant from a deceased donor. This has been heralded worldwide as groundbreaking for uterus transplantation, and gives credence to clinical trials persisting with deceased donation, despite previous attempts failing. The feasibility of the use of deceased donors for uterus transplants was looking uncertain, and so the demonstration of the proof of concept is welcomed.
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News: ART & Embryology training program

14 December 2018 by Chennai Fertility Center and Research Institute
January 2019 training batch schedule - 2nd - 17th January The International School of Embryology was established to offer training for clinicians in advanced reproductive technologies. Our skill and precision to all aspirants help them to know in-depth knowledge and experience. The members of our teaching faculty aim to bring doctors and embryologists to the highest level of knowledge about reproductive techniques and practical capability in the field. Our courses cover basics in andrology, embryology, ICSI and cryosciences (Hands-on). Limited Seats. For admission Contact 044 45588822 / 9003111598
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Journal Updates: Reproductive Biomedicine Online - December 2018 Volume 37, Issue 6, p653-782

10 December 2018 by Reproductive Biomedicine Online
Articles Include: Do immature and mature sibling oocytes recovered from stimulated cycles have the same reproductive potential? L. Escrich, Y. Galiana, N. Grau, F. Insua, N. Soler, A. Pellicer, M.J. Escribá The use of intracytoplasmic sperm injection is associated with a shift in the secondary sex ratio Christoph Cirkel, Inke R. König, Askan Schultze-Mosgau, Elmar Beck, Kay Neumann, Georg Griesinger
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Article: New science, new families, old law: is the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act fit for purpose?

10 December 2018 by Sir James Munby
This is the text of Sir James Munby's Keynote Presentation at the Progress Educational Trust's 2018 Annual Conference 'Make Do or Amend: Should We Update UK Fertility and Embryo Law?'.
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Course: IVF training course in Jordan

10 December 2018 by Ovatrain academy
IVF training course in Jordan OvaTrain Academy for IVF training was established in 2018 It is the first academy specialized in IVF training in Jordan. OvaTrain academy offers a training course (120 hours practical, 30 hours theoretical) certified by the Ministry of Higher Educations and Scientific research in Jordan, and it also offers Hands-On training courses for IVF laboratory professionals.
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09 December 2018 by M. Van den Bergh
ICART UNIVERSITY ZURICH HANDS ON FOR EMBRYOLOGISTS The University of Zurich in collaboration with AGROVET and Quartec GmbH is organizing between April and November 2019 4 times a full week of hands on training in the International Training Centre for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ITCART). The workshop is designed for young embryologists who want to acquire the basic techniques to be able to work independently in an ART laboratory.
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