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1. Biopsy Medium

Biopsy Medium Intended use Biopsy Medium is for blastomere biopsy of cleavage stage embryos for preimplantation genetic diagnosis.Background Biopsy Medium is ready-to-use and has been formulated without calcium and magnesium ions to facilitate the process of blastomere biopsy.The medium has been tested and used routinely in differen...
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2. Acidified Tyrodes Solution

Acidified Tyrodes Solution Intended use Acidified Tyrodes Solution is for drilling of the zona pellucida.Background Empirical research has suggested that embryos having a thick zona pellucida have a better prognosis for implantation after assisted hatching.Acidified Tyrodes Solution is ready-to-use and designed to chemically etch or drill holes ...
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Hunter Scientific Pasteur Pipettes for Gamete and Embryo Handling.

3. Liquid Paraffin

Liquid Paraffin Intended use Liquid Paraffin is used as an overlay to help stabilise pH and reduce evaporation during culture procedures in IVF and ICSI. For use in insemination procedures in microdrops.Background When using the microdrop technique for ICSI or culturing of oocytes/embryos, it is necessary to cover the microdrops with ...
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4. SynVitro Hyadase

SynVitro Hyadase Intended use SynVitro Hyadase is for the removal of the cumulus complex and corona radiata surrounding the oocyte in preparation for ICSI.Background Prior to the ICSI procedure, the cells of the cumulus and corona radiata must be removed in order to facilitate access to the oocyte and minimise contamination of the inje...
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