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Marta Quintero

Full Name: Marta Quintero
Position Sought: Trainee embryologist
Primary Language: Spanish
Address: La Algaba
Telephone: 664230265
E-mail: Contact Marta
 Profile and objectives
I'm looking a position as trainee embryologist/clinical embryologist in an IVF clinic
  Main resume

Pharmacist with MSc in Reproductive Sciences. Passionate of laboratories procedures and clinic embryology. 

Career History:

(April, 2018-September, 2018) Extracurricular practices in the IVF Unit of IVI RMA, Seville

                Tasks: Practice ovocyte collection, ovocyte and embryo vitrification and thawing (Kitazato products),the set up of the laboratory and ovocyte decumulation.

(January, 2018-April, 2018)Curricular practices in  IVF and Andrology Units of IVI RMA, Seville


                Tasks: Learn the diferents tasks in the IVF Unit (watch ovocyte collection, ovocyte and embryo vitrification and thawing, ovocyte decumulation, embryo transfer, ICSI, biopsy of blastocits, embryo grading, etc) Practice seminal analysis, swim-up preparations, use of density gradient centrifugation and seminal freezing


(October 2017) Extracurricular practices in IVF and Andrology Unit of  Inebir Clinic, Seville


                Tasks: Practice ovocyte collection, ovocyte vitrification (Kitazato products), seminal analysis, use of density gradient centrifugation and the set up of the laboratory.


(July 2017) Extracurricular practices in the Assisted Reproduction Unit of the Juan Ramón Jiménez University Hospital, Huelva

                Tasks: Practice seminal analysis and use density gradient centrifugation.

(December, 2015-September 2016) Additional pharmacist in community Pharmacy “Lda. Esperanza Sánchez Martín” Lepe (Huelva)

(May 2015-July 2015) Curricular practices in the Pharmacy Unit of Infanta Elena Hospital, in Huelva

(February 2015-April 2015)Curricular practices in community pharmacy “Ldos. Juan Bosco Rite Duque and Inmaculada Rite Zambrano”,  Gibraleón (Huelva)


(2016-2018) MSc "Biotechnology of Assisted Human Reproduction"                                                     

                         University of Valencia

 (2009-2015) University Degree in Pharmacy

                         Universitiy of Seville

Personal details:
Interests and Hobbies:
Further Information:
  • Courses:
    • Course "Good Laboratory Practices" Andalusian Initiative in Advanced Therapies (October-December 2017)
    • Theoretical-practical course "Seminal freezing and semen bank" IVI RMA (October 2016)
    • Course "Gynecological health of women, 2nd edition" Spanish Society of Community Pharmacy (April 2016)
    • Course "Assisted Pharmacy to Anticoagulated Patients, 2nd edition" General Council of Official Associations of Pharmacists (April 2016)
    • Course "Ethics in university research, 2nd edition" University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, through the MiriadaX platform (January 2016)
    • Course "Adaptation of the laboratory to culture until blastocyst" IVI RMA (October 2015)


    • Internal student in the Department  “Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology”, University of Seville (academic year 2011/2012)
    • Student tutor in the "Student tutors Program”, University of Seville (academic year 2012/2013)
  • Scientific publications:
    • Beas A, Coronado MJ, Macias MR, Quintero M, Alonso C, Dominguez A, Rivera A, Barba R. "Assessment of the level of knowledge of users about regular hormonal contraceptives in community pharmacies in Huelva". Poster in the XX National Pharmaceutical Congress of Castellón (October 2016)

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