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Lesbian mum sues over IVF


18 September 2007

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The ACT Supreme court has heard a lesbian woman felt violated and devastated when she learned she was pregnant with twins.

In the first case of its kind in Australia, a lesbian couple is suing a doctor after one of them gave birth to twins instead of one child through IVF.

The couple, whose combined income exceeds $100,000, are seeking almost $400,000 to cover the costs of raising one of the girls, including private school fees.


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Date Added: 18 September 2007   Date Updated: 18 September 2007
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Carper Diem   01 November 2007

Everyone undergoing infertility treatment is aware of the increased risk in multiple births. Even if just 1 embryo is transfered, there is still a risk of a multiple birth. If she was not happy to take the risk, then perhaps she ought to have not gone for infertility treatment. There does not seem to be any cause for not attempting to have a child the natural way except for her sexual preferences. Assuming she has conceived naturally, would she have sued her male partner if she ended up with a multiple pregnancy. She also had the option of aborting if she really did not want a second child.
M. Dee Kini   24 September 2007

I think if the couple are involved in the discussion prior to embryo transferas to the number of embryos to be transferred with appropriate consent form signed then there is no legal case. We routinely discuss with the coupke even when a single embryo is transferred that there is a risk of twin pregnancy however small it is. This applies not only to lesbian couple but also to heterosexual couples too. The consent for should be very descriptive.
Another embryologist   23 September 2007

Independent of all the background facts, which we do not learn from this article, I feel that some perversion lies in this kind of mindset. How perverted has mankind become to sue for 2 instead of 1 child. What if this would have been a natural pregnancy, not an assisted pregnancy, and she would have had twins instead of the desired single child? Who would she have sued in this case to let out her anger about a reality that does not match her desires? Again her physician and the healthcare team? Nature? God? Her partner? Herself? Or maybe even the child for having forced itself into existence? What a sick and perverted world we are living in. Where have feelings like humility and gratefulness for the miracle of life gone? These kinds of stories give me the impression that in our times no respect is left for the simple fact of life, now that medicine and technology are so much advanced that we can offer assisted reproduction to people, who would not become parents otherwise. Mankind has become so decadent. We create children as it suits us, to fulfill our own narcissistic desires and needs, as if children are objects in our collection of things that we have to achieve and check off in this life to be able to lean back and say that we have made it. We have a house, a car, a garden, a dog, a yearly vacation and on top of it a child. What a disgust. Who do we think we are to take the liberty to be so damned arrogant?
JAOCHANG   21 September 2007

What a load of non-sense that have known nothing more then two. Most people know how hard it is to get one even two. You choose the way that composes your family, of coause we pay a lot of respect, then you have to opt the happiness of your own which is always no one could compete and take it. Can one says that two are not good enough, how about make another $400,000 for more then enogh? Oh my! Enough is never enough. j j
Shantal rajah   21 September 2007

I think this article is a propaganda to support Single Embryo Transfer (SET). We do not know the detail of this article head lines. The fact is, if the couple asked for a single embryo transfer during their IVF treatment and the doctor did not act according to their wish then it can be a court case. We do advice patients for possible risk of twins and the complications. Many patients who had failed treatment before, insist to have 2 embryo tranfered. Most of the survey studies showed over 60 to 65% patients want to have 2 embryos ET for their treatment. In this article, we do not know the sequence of events or who made that decision to transfer 2 embryos or did the doctor transfer 2 embryos without the lesbion couple's consent. If the consent form is signed by patient (stating 2 embryo ET and possile risk/outcome) then the medical team had done their part correctly in treating the couple. This article does not have facts to promote SET in IVF treatment.

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