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21. Ultra low POLAR Series -85/-40?C [Labotect]

Ultra low POLAR Series -85/-40?C Labotect offers a comprehensive range of Freezers and their accessoires for sample storage in particularly clinical and research laboratories. Reliable storage in the temperature range up to -40?C and up to -85?C * Microprocessor-controlled regulation system * Audible and visual alarm system * Powerful compressors * C...
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22. Labotect Cryo Unit [Labotect]

Labotect Cryo Unit Programmable device for cryo preservation consisting of: (1) Cryo Controller (2) Actuator (3) Dewar vessel containing LN2 (4) Handling box (5) Welding apparatus to close the straws Open-vessel system * Self-seeding * Temperature measured in reference straw * Economical consumption of liquid nitrogen * Autocalibration ...
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23. Baker SG 403 / 603 Advance [Baker SG]

Baker SG 403 / 603 Advance The SterilGARD III Advance offers a new adaptive ergonomic design combined with a unique airflow management system and proven containment technology to improve worker comfort, increase productivity and reduce fatigue. Providing protection for personnel and the environment, the SterilGARD III Advance provides ...
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24. TELSTAR H-Series / V-Series

TELSTAR H-Series / V-Series AV-100: Vertical Laminar Flow Benches, specially designed for handling of non-pathogenic biological samples, cell and tissue cultures, controls in microbiology, pharmaceutical product preparation, and also suitable for work in electronic and optics. AH-100: Horizontal Laminar Flow Benches, specially designed to work ...
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25. Labotect's CO2 incubator C200

Labotect's CO2 incubator C200 The C200 has been developed as a reliable and user friendly CO2 / O2 incubator. The risk of contamination is reduced through an active sterile humidity supply. NEW! Now with 6 small doors!...
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26. IVOS Sperm Analyzer [Hamilton Thorne]

IVOS Sperm Analyzer The IVOS is an Integrated Visual Optical System for sperm analysis. Since its development, the name IVOS has been synonymous with fast, accurate, reliable and scientifically tested sperm analysis. Integrated Optics As the only sperm analysis system with an internal optical system, the IVOS offers distinct advantages ...
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