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Khaled Abu Ali

Full Name: Khaled Abu Ali
Position Sought: Embryologist
Primary Language: Swedish
Address: Lund
Telephone: 0760468616
E-mail: Contact Khaled
 Profile and objectives
Hello my name is Khaled Abu Ali, i am 32years old. I am an Embryologist working in IVI RMA Muscat, my work experience range from egg collection, semen analysis and preparation, sperm freezing, ICSI, embryo vitrification, TESA & PESA and finally embryo thawing. I am a passionate embryologist and is ready to relocate.
  Main resume


Career History:

January 2018-now 

Embryologist at IVI Fertility clinic Muscat 

Oocyte collection, Insemenation(ST.IVF), Embryo vitrification, sperm preparation, sperm freeze, ICSI. 



March 2015 –August 2017 

Embryologist at IVF Kliniken CuraÖresund 

Oocyte collection, Insemenation(ST.IVF), Embryo vitrification, Embryo slowfreeze, sperm preparation, sperm freeze, ICSI, Embryo transfer. 

March 2014 – June 2014 
Embryologist at IVF Kliniken Umeå 

I was introduced to the Swedish job enviroment and the standards applied in Sweden. 
Junior embryologist at Al-khalidi medical center, Amman, Jordan 

I had the duties in the andrology lab and the embryology lab ranging from semen assessment, oocyte dissection, ICSI (Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection) , sperm and embryo freezing. 
2008 June-August 
Trainee embryologist at Jordan hospital, Amman, Jordan 
I was introduced to the IVF lab, I learnt how the lab works like semen assessment and preparation, ICSI, oocyte dissection, embryo and sperm freezing 



M.Sc. Molecular Biology, Umeå University , Sweden
The master program included courses in Tumor biology, Immunobiology, Molecular genetics, Immunochemical techniques and Functional genomics. I did my master thesis in Steffan Normak group and was titled “Control of expression of neuraminidases in Streptococcus pneumoniae”.  
And a practical course in Lucia Mincheva-Nilsson group and was titled: 
“The immune regulatory role of exosomes in pregnancy”. 
B.Sc. Biotechnology and genetic engineering, Jordan university of science and technology, Jordan 

During my bachelor I took courses in Biology, Chemistry, Protein biotechnology, Medical genetics, Pharmacogentics, Human genetics, Animal biotechnology and Embryology. 


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