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Fertility Clinic Americas is pleased to announce the vacancy to hire one more IVF Doctor. Clinic is located in Cancun, Mexico.

Position: OBG ,  IVF Doctor

Requered   Qualifications:

  • Medical Doctor
  • OB/GYN Trained
  • IVF experience (preferable)
  • Knowladge of English language



  1. Control of the procedures performed in the clinic
  2. Ensure an accurate clinical evaluation of patients undergoing assisted reproductive procedures  
  3. Develop folicular follow up and monitoring, supervise and take care of following procedures : USG scans, Egg retreivals, embryo transfer, IUI
  4. Ensure customer satisfaction
  5. To Take all necessary actions for solution   in case of  clinical emergencies
  6. Being in cosntant touch and communication with the administrative and medical personel as well as partners ( Agencies) in order to detect faults and envisage proposals for improvement.
  7.  Keep patients records ( Embryology report forms, Patient test restuls
  8. Conduct a weekly meeting to review confirmed cases .
  9. Keep constantly updated and propose improvements to the clinic
  10. Keep in constant communication with the administration, commercial, medical and Laboratory departments  to detect faults and hear proposals for improvement
  11.  Report and hear daily reports of nursing activities
  12. Ensure reports and e-mail feedbacks are provided on time with no later then 24 hours.


Salary based on your experience. Job Type: Full-time

Experience:  IVF / Fertility: 2 years (Preferred). We will also consider candidates with no experience who we can train in Europe.

License: OBG

Experience Required:  Yes
Education Required:  Yes
Salary:  Based on Experience and negotiation
Closing Date:  Once position is filled

Contact: Mariam Kukunashvili
Fertility Clinic
Cancun, Mexico
Phone: +995599420909
Informal Enquiries:
Website: http://fertilityclinicamericas.com
Applications: Online Submission Link

Date Added: 01 April 2019    

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