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O2-CONTROLLER controls O2 in the hypoxia range in any bench top incubator or semi sealed volume, by infusing N2. It is compatible with the built in CO2 controller of the incubator and allows to upgrade any CO2 incubator to hypoxia conditions.

21 February 2017

ICSI T & CO2 enclosure

The ICSI Temperature and CO2 enclosure maintains a stable and uniform temperature and CO2 concentration all around the ICSI workstation. 


21 February 2017


Okolab manufactures TriGas Mixers for benchtop incubator like MINC, BT37 and Geri.

Two models available one feeding up to 7 benchtop incubators and a larger one feeding up to 25 benchtop incubators


21 February 2017

Heated plates for microscopes and stereomicroscopes

Okolab manufactures glass and metal plates for stereomicroscopes, inverted microscopes and upright microscopes


21 February 2017

ivftech.in - Best IVF Software solutions and ART Management

IVFTech.in is a burgeoning application software development company in India. In the current scenario, strategies of hospitals have turned to the latest technology for their quality improvement or expansion and diversification needs, and have reaped the optimum benefits. We help you in tapping th
13 July 2017

IVF Software - Akshar Technosoft

Akshar Technosoft IVF Software is designed by expert software developer team and doctors to provide easy to use central information facility allowing clinic-specific customization.

Y Chromosomal microdeletion Real Time PCR kit

Y chromosome Microdeletion Kit was designed to amplify 3 regions of the azospermia factors (AZF) gene (AZFa, AZFb, and AZFc) using 6 sequence-tagged sites (STS). The kit is for use on human genomic DNA samples and will provide a qualitative assessment of microdeltion status. According to best pra
13 September 2016

Cryoworks Management Sysytem

CRYOWORKS Management System is a specialised software application that supervises the collection, freezing, storage and thawing of samples including; blood vials, semen, embryo/oocytes, as well as tracking the personnel involved. The application allows scientists to save time on administr
24 March 2015


PALASH IVF is an ART (Assisted Reproduction Technique) Management System, indented to provide a complete integrated platform for any infertility treatment provider facility.

In other words, it is a central information facility, storing general patient ide
27 February 2018

Fertisafe Plus™ the CE Marked Disinfectant

Fertisafe Plus™ is surface disinfectant developed for use in ART labs. Importantly, it is the only IVF disinfectant CE marked as a medical device. Ready to use, embryo and sperm safe, colourless, odourless, it is a broad spectrum antimicrobial disinfectant proven to kill bacteria, viruses a
16 September 2014

RI pH Meter 3

Building on the success and popularity of their pH Meter, RI now offers a new compact version. Smaller, lighter and with an improved digital probe, it allows you to read and record media pH in real-time inside any popular incubator, including benchtop models. The large colour screen guides you qu
06 February 2014

MedITEX IVF Software, Fertility Database System, EMR

MedITEX IVF is the number one worldwide fertility database management system. 

Designed by experts for experts it provides an easy to use central information facility allowing clinic-specific
30 October 2013

Fertility Journey App

Set off to succeed!

Fertility Journey is genuinely created to facilitate finding your matching clinic, plan your preparation in each and every minor detail and make your fertility treatment a pleasant run.

Developed enthusiastically by a committed team of professionals operating i
17 April 2013

QAPonline fees now $250.

QAPonline operates an online proficiency/EQA scheme at www.fertaid.com. Wishing to increase world-wide participation, the 2012 fee have been slashed to only $250.00 AUD. FertAid acknowledges that costs are important for many clinics and it is hoped this will encourage more embryologists and scien
31 May 2012

Ivysite: IVF and Fertility Clinic EMR

Ivysite allows any Artificial Reproduction setup to manage its patients, their entire cycle, and its cryostorage facility and consent information seamlessly. It also uses effective communication tools to provide timely support for its clients keeping them well informed. It can also be e
11 May 2012

Embryo Ranking Proficiency Scheme

FertAid has developed an Embryo ranking Proficiency Scheme to allow individuals embryologists to gauge their skills in grading and selecting embryos for transfer. A ranking index is calculated from the all the submissions from active embryologists and is recalculated regularly.  This is in a
20 April 2012

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