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IMT Matcher – electronic witnessing system for IVF centres and donor banks

Matcher double-checks, records and tracks the identity of patients and their barcoded samples, from patient registration through to embryo transfer, PGT and cryo storage, helping to reduce the risks of error with safe and easy to install technology.

Matcher’s software system runs on table
11 February 2023


SCA SCOPE, the first totally automated device for human semen assessment

The SCA SCOPE is a lab equipment for semen assessment that comprises both software and hardware. Thu
21 November 2021

SCA Evolution

Sperm Class Analyzer®, the most complete CASA System for semen analysis

- For human, veterinary, toxicology and research -

COBIX-IVF Witness System

COBIX-IVF Witness System

What is COBIX IVF Witness System ?
Witness system is a security system for IVF treatment centers. An electronic system keeps the the verification and matching data wirelessly on every step of the treatment ( Sperm Test, Oocyte Collectio
20 November 2021


COBIX-IVF is a new generation In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) software system specially prepared for the processes of IVF clinics, helping you to manage your IVF processes more accurately and easily.

Features :
- Includes and embeded witness system.
- La
13 November 2021

FertiSMART IVF Software v8.2

Web Based IVF Software that has the full automation for patient and cycles.

Please email for demo request: [email protected]


18 November 2023

ART Compass

ART Compass is a mobile application that uses artificial intelligence for a sophisticated new way to managing patient data. Our AI Systems are getting patients pregnant faster and allowing IVF clinics to scale and treat more patients. 

www.artcompass.io25 June 2020

Multi-Zone ART Workstation


Vertical laminar flow workstations with multiple heating zones that enable precise temperature control across the work surface, with the provision to have a built-in microscope and integrated MIRI® chambers. Available in different sizes and c
29 December 2019



A three-in-one product. 

PureSperm Wash is a three-in-one product. It is optimised for washing the sperm pellet recovered after density gradient preparation, for use in swim-up procedures, for
28 December 2019

IVFID Witness Systems

Security system for IVF treatment centers. An electronic system keeps the the verification and matching data wirelessly on every step of the treatment ( Andrology, Sperm Test, Oocyte Collection, Oocyte Tracking, ICSI, Embryo Transfer Process, Operation Room screen and check, Embryo/Oocyte an
29 September 2022

Opto Dual-Station

Reinventing microscopy with a unique easy to use ergonomic user experience.  Ultra-high contrast macro and micro imaging from the same instrument eliminates the need for 2 separate microscopes  Designed for ‘in chamber’ biomed and cell analysis applications such as IVF and o
17 June 2019

G100 Portable IVF CO2/O2 Gas Analyser

The G100 portable CO2/O2 gas analyser is the gold standard for gas concentration measurements in embryo culture incubators. Recongnized as an industry leader the G100 units are highly recommended and can be considered a 'Must have" item for the embryology laboratory.

24 April 2019

Active Vibration Isolation Table

Accurion’s IVF Workstation has been specially designed for the use with in-vitro-fertilization so that biologists can ergonomically sit in front of their microscope.

The workstation consists of a lab table with integrated active vibration isolation system to actively c
04 November 2018


About ARTis:

ARTis™ (Assisted Reproductive Technology Information System) – a unique and futuristic web-based Fertility treatment s
11 March 2018

IVFTech.in electronic witnessing system

Infertility treatment is a very precise and personal process and IVFTech.in witness helps to maintain the integrity and security of operational or lab process for both healthcare providers and patients.
IVFTech.in electronic witnessing system track the patient ID throughout process or consu
20 September 2017

IVF Lab quality management application

IVFTech.in annouonce an android app to continue monitor IVF Lab equipments parameters for quality control and assurance through tablet.
Contact us on [email protected] for further detail.

Feature :

  • Aim to continuous monitoring equipment's parame
    14 September 2019

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