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Precision™ Embryo Transfer Syringe (0.25ml)

This extra long, ultra low volume syringe give superior and more precise control over any other embryo transfer syringe.


  • Extra fine control for embryo transfers
  • 0.25 mL
  • Male Luer Lock
  • Sword Handle
  • Polycarbona
    09 March 2019

Open Pulled Straw (OPS) Vitrification System

The Open Pulled Straw (OPS) was the first purpose designed tool for ultra-rapid vitrification. Introduced by Professor Gábor Vajta in 1998, OPS is recognized as one of the best high-rate cooling-warming vitrification methods, widely respected for its efficiency, practicality and versatilit
04 March 2019

VitaVitro Vitrification & Warming Media

VitaVitro Biotech’s vitrification kit is a unique approach to the vitrification of human oocytes, embryos and blastocysts for assisted reproduction technologies (ART). VitaVitro's uniquely effective vitrification solutions and OPS system based on Professor Gábor Vajta&#
04 March 2019

VitriBlast and ThermoBlast

VitriBlast and ThermoBlast vitrification media, are both optimised for blastocysts and are based on well-tested standard formulations (Lane et al). Since the formulations have been used considerably, Nidacon&
31 October 2018

ZyMōt™ Sperm Separation Devices

Utilizing currently available methods, the embryologist is challenged to select the “right” sperm for use in ART procedures. Furthermore, current procedures requiring centrifugation cause irreversible damage to the sperm due to DNA fragmentation and the generation of reactive oxygen s
31 October 2018

EMTRAC SET Embryo Transfer Catheter

Gynetics Emtrac Set, Embryo Transfer Catheter SET, Extra Thin Transfer catheter for difficult cases, Sterile Single Use, Box of 25.

The Emtrac Set is a set for difficult cervical passage, consisting of three parts:

A) Guiding catheter
B) Mandrel
C) Loading cathete
29 October 2018



Eliminating all known airborne pathogens that can affect healthy embryogenesis, LifeAire System’s Aire~IVF is clinically proven to significantly improve clinical outcomes. Its patented, multi-staged molecular media and UV technologies
29 October 2018


ZAND-AIR PCOC™3 Installation (Free Quote)


The ZAND-AIR PCOC™3 model is a powder-coated metal encased unit to be fitted into the HVAC/AHU unit or the air ducting to provide an airtight fl
29 October 2018

IDEAS - Fertility Clinic Software

IDEAS V.5™ from Mellowood Medical is a new clinic management solution built on the experience of fertility centres worldwide (since 1996). Unique event-based treatment plans enable patients to be managed dynamically through the cycle. IDEAS V.5™ allows analysis of ART and cryo procedu
19 July 2008

Cryolock Vitrification Device

Cryolock is a useful and practical tool, which has been designed and developed in order to make the vitrification process more comfortable and efficient. Cryolock, can be used in human and animal IVF labs as well as research centers. It is used in ART and animal biotechnology for vitrification an
03 July 2008

ZAND-AIR™ 100C Air Filtration / Purification Systems

Photo-Catalytic Air Purification

"As technology has advanced, the necessity to filter air has become even more important"  

No matter how well you maintain your surrounding work area can be filled with air pollutants, dust particles, mold spo
17 December 2013

Metrum 2 Dual Channel Digital Thermometer

METRUM 2 Dual Channel Digital Thermometer has been designed to meet the demands of fertility clinics and research laboratories.

It is small in size and extremely easy to use. It delivers accurate and repeatable temperature measurements saving precious time on QC operations. 

11 April 2023

IMT Matcher – electronic witnessing system for IVF centres and donor banks

Matcher double-checks, records and tracks the identity of patients and their barcoded samples, from patient registration through to embryo transfer, PGT and cryo storage, helping to reduce the risks of error with safe and easy to install technology.

Matcher’s software system runs on
11 February 2023


SCA SCOPE, the first totally automated device for human semen assessment

The SCA SCOPE is a lab equipment for semen assessment that comprises both software and hardware. Thu
21 November 2021

SCA Evolution

Sperm Class Analyzer®, the most complete CASA System for semen analysis

- For human, veterinary, toxicology and research -

COBIX-IVF Witness System

COBIX-IVF Witness System

What is COBIX IVF Witness System ?
Witness system is a security system for IVF treatment centers. An electronic system keeps the the verification and matching data wirelessly on every step of the treatment ( Sperm Test, Oocyte Collectio
20 November 2021

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