White Paper: pH Monitoring in Embryo Culture Conditions
SAFE Sens, SAFE Sens
03 April 2017

Media pH is dynamic and changes during embryo culture. With the SAFE Sens® TrakStation® it is now possible to monitor this dynamic pH profile.  We wanted to share some of these pH findings in order to better demonstrate how incubator equipment and common lab operations play a role in maintaining pH.  Lab data is presented from the following four common incubator types:
1.      Cabinet incubators (typically humidified) which use Thermal Conductivity CO2 sensors
2.      Cabinet incubators (typically humidified) which use Infrared CO2 sensors
3.      Humidified benchtop incubators
4.      Dry benchtop incubators
PS: A special thanks to the IVF labs who supplied data for this white paper!

The paper can be accessed by clicking on http://www.safesens.com/products/ivf-safe-sens/ph-profiles/


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