Marc Van den Bergh, University Zurich
16 January 2017

In December 2015 a collaboration between the University of Zurich's veterinary school and Quartec GmbH resulted in the  grounding of  ITCART: International Training Center in Assisted Laboratory Techniques. ITCART will open for the second year from April 2017 on.  A fully equiped IVF lab is now at disposal of young unexperienced embryologists. The school takes 4 times a year  2 trainee embryologists during one week. Participants have every day  2 hours of  theoretical courses and 6 hours of laboratory practice each behind his own microscope.  Two experienced embryologists chaperone the students. Participants receive a certificate of attendance issued by the university. The course has been granted with 117 credits by the Royal Society of Biology. The  fee includes,  hotel accomodation  with breakfast, lunches, transport within the city and course material.  DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO ENLARGE YOUR SKILLS.  Email : [email protected]

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