Next Week's Webinar- Best Practices in IVF Cell Culturing
Matt Holmes, POMA Fertility / SAFE Sens
05 August 2016

During the webinar Klaus Wiemer PhD (Lab Director POMA Fertility) will briefly discuss the benefits of continuous non-invasive pH monitoring and share clinical practices that were optimized by POMA Fertility as a result of their utilization of the SAFE Sens system within their incubators including...

·         Longer equilibration times for dish preparation

·         Increased oil overlay to prevent evaporation

Steven Geelhood (SAFE Sens Project Manager) will then share data collected from labs utilizing the SAFE Sens continuous pH monitory system.   Graphs will be presented and analyzed for the following scenarios wherein cell culture conditions were manipulated thus causing changes to the pH over time.  

·         Initial equilibration of media with time scale 

·         Equilibrated media with or without oil

·         CO2 set point changes

·          Effect of loss of CO2 

We look forward to seeing your participation on the 19th!  Click on or cut and paste the link below into your browser to register.

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