International IVF/ ICSI Training Program; 18TH - 29 APRIL 2016
Cellmolecules Scientific Canada Inc.,
12 February 2016

Interested  candidates are invited for a training opportunity in our Center. The International Embryologist Training Program provides expert training for Embryologists and Andrologist, including Biologist, and those new to the field can acquire improved skills and understanding of theoretical and practical aspect of Clinical Embryology practice in more specific area of Assisted Reproduction Technology Practice and Laboratory Quality Management.

A  Aim of this program

To provide theoretical information and practical experience relating to some of the more complex techniques and procedures used within Embryology laboratories.

By the end of the programme you should be able to:

Identify when and how to perform certain specialised laboratory techniques / procedures, the reasons for performing them and understand / interpret their results (relevant to the course topics).

 Registration Information / application procedure:

If you are interested in coming onto the training follow instructions from our website, you would need to either apply online or pay administrative fee through your bank or in cash. First administrative charges must be received. if you are using Moneygram or Western Union or direct transfer, we accept any method that works for you.  We are currently scheduling another batch starting from 18th April – 29th but alternative dates are available. We hope to meet you in Saskatoon Canada soon

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