Vitrification Workshop 20th April 2016
Dr Joyce Harper, Embryology and PGD Academy
05 February 2016


Vitrification Workshop 20th April 2016

The programme will provide embryologists with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of vitrification by the Cryotec and  Kitazato methods. An automated Vitrification system (Gavi-Genea) will aslo be demonstrated.  As well as lectures, the course will include hands on practicals and demonstrations. During the one-day, delegates will not become competent at vitrification but will have enough hands on to go away and practice in their own laboratory setting. The workshop gives delegates a unique opportunity to try both systems. The workshop will also allow scientists to discuss the technology with their peers and with experts in the field. As well as the lectures, additional information will be given in the form of powerpoint presentations. Alpesh Doshi and Walid Malouf are approved Cryotech instructors.


The fee for the vitrification workshop is £400.00. The workshop includes lunch

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