Total Quality and Risk Management in your IVF laboratories : From theory to practice: 2nd edition. March 18-19, 2016, Leuven, Belgium
Martine Nijs, Embryolab Academy
15 January 2016

If you want to improve your knowledge and understanding

  • in Total Quality and Risk Management for assisted reproduction technologies (ART) laboratories
  • on all processes performed within ART laboratories and how they will be improved by Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • on how to organise internal and external quality control for the different departments in an ART Unit
  • on how to develop a rigid risk assessment and risk analysis method for the ART Unit
  • on how TQM can be a useful tool to improve efficacy and efficiency, including financial and administrative aspects
  • on how quality assessment and TQM will provide patients with the best and safest treatments modalities available
  • on how to develop a patient centred treatment plan

join us in Leuven, Belgium on 18 and 19 of March!

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