Canadian National Advanced / Specialist Embryologist Training Program Saskatoon, Canada
National Clinical Embryologist and Andrologist Training Institute, Cellmolecules Scientific Inc
13 April 2015

Advanced Assisted Reproduction Technology          duration           4 – 5 weeks                 $ 4400   Start dates; 10/8/15

                   10/10/15; 10/ 1/16;   

2          Specialist  Assisted Reproduction Technology duration           2 weeks        $3500   Start date; 10/6/15

3          Basic Assisted Reproduction Technology     5 days   $1600 

            Start date 2/6/15                         

3          Specialist  IVF training for Scientists & Doctor   2 weeks $3500             start date 28/5/15; 1/7/15; 1/8/2015; 1/9/15  25       

4          Basic course in semenology and Andrology                            5 days          $1500   Start date; 20/5/15




5          Advanced  IVF/ICSI Training for Gynaecologist and      Embryologist     2 weeks days  

$3000                            25/6/15






6      Advanced Fertility and Assisted Conception; 4 weeks, $7800  2/2/2016

Places are limited, please apply  and book on time

These programs are intended for                                                                                      

  • Specialist Practitioners and experienced / Senior Scientific Staff working in public or private Hospital  Laboratory or Embryology Laboratories
  • Gynaecologist and Senior Consultants
  • Nurses involved in infertility services
  • Biomedical Scientists
  • Clinical Scientists
  • Biologist interested in developing skills in Embryology
  • Medical Laboratory Scientists involved in Fertility testing
  • Biologists

  Aim of this program

To provide theoretical information and practical experience relating to some of the more complex aspects of Assisted fertility techniques and procedures used within Embryology laboratories.

By the end of the programme you should be able to:

Identify when and how to perform certain specialised laboratory techniques / procedures, the reasons for performing them and understand / interpret their results (relevant to the course topics).

 Registration Information / application procedure:

 To apply for any of the programs, you should send cover letter with your CV to the attention of Program Director  by email or contact by phone to speak informally with someone about the programme, again e-mail or call [email protected] or  +16394714704

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