Hands On Workshop : Micromanipulation & Vitrification
Dr Gajendra Tomar, Index Medical College. Indore (MP)
09 March 2015

What will you learn:

  • Know about the each model of ICSI workstation and its set up
  • Learn about the optical systems of Workstations
  • Learn how to prepare the dishes and align the pipettes
  • Learn the best ways of ICSI and achieving the best fertilization rates
  • Learn how to use the PICSI dishes and IMSI optics
  • Know the basics of egg freezing by hands-on sessions
  • Learn the optimal vitrification-warming process for each stage of pre-implantation embryos
  • Learn how to use the open and closed vitrification systems and cryo storage management
  • Know about the data management systems in IVF unit
  • Interact with experts and learn through didactic lectures


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