HFEA 8th Code of Practice published
HFEA, Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority
07 July 2009

The 8th edition of the HFEA’s Code of Practice has now been published. It comes into force on 1st of October.

The 8th Code has been updated to reflect changes in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 and in HFEA policy. 

The Code is being published today to allow clinics time to familiarise themselves with the changes and update their policies and procedures as necessary in preparation for 1st October. 

Also published today:

  • a guide to the Code, outlining what's changed
  • revised and updated consent forms, including guidance
  • new set of directions, replacing those issued previously
  • a report on the consultation on the Code of Practice and consent forms

The Code is now easier to read and navigate and has achieved a Clear  English Standard from the Plain Language Commission for its guidance.

The HFEA is sending printed copies of the 8th Code to UK clinics and professional bodies.  Further copies of the Code and related documents and forms can be downloaded from the HFEA website.

Please note - the HFEA's 7th Code and all current directions etc will remain in force until 1st October.


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