Research Instruments launch IVF Tracker a traceability system for compliance with the Tissue and cells Directive 2004/23/EEC, HFEA and other regulatory bodies
W.R.Brown MBA,
30 June 2008

IVF TrackerTM is a traceability software solution which tracks products and materials that come into contact with gametes or embryos. IVF TrackerTM forms part of Research Instruments range of products designed to improve your quality systems, processes and compliance with regulatory legislation. It assists a laboratory to meet the requirements of the EU Tissue and Cells Directive and the UK HFEA Standards concerning traceability.

Key features are:

Records all products and materials, which come into contact with gametes/embryos.

Provides a comprehensive list of batch codes or serial numbers of products and materials used for a particular patient.

Provides a list of patients who have come into contact with a product or material.

Generates a list of all items that were open at a certain date or during a particular date range.

Can be individually tailored to suit the requirements of each clinic.

Can be fully integrated with IVF WitnessTM

Can scan product GTIN numbers for ease of data collection.

The product is being launched at ESHRE 2008 in Barcelona 6-9th July.

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