Research Instruments announce Fertisafe
W.R.Brown MBA, Research Instruments
07 June 2007

Research Instruments are proud to unveil the world?s first embryo-safe sterilising products - Fertisafe™.

Fertisafe™ is non-embryotoxic, alcohol free and biodegradable yet is bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal.

Each batch is independently embryo tested with the embryos being cultured in media filtered through Fertisafe Wipes or in dishes coated in Fertisafe Spray.

This amazing new product is available in both spray and surface wipes from Research Instruments and its network of distributors.

"I have been routinely using Fertisafe™ products in the IVF lab and find them to be VOC free, non-toxic to mouse gametes and pre-implantation embryos and an extremely effective sterilization solution.?
Ronny Janssens
Quality Manager, Centre for Reproductive Medicine, AZ VUB Brussels.

Bill Brown, Managing director of Research Instruments said, ?The Fertisafe™ range of products complements our range of environmental monitors for IVF labs. For the first time there is an alcohol free, embryo-safe product available that sterilises laboratory surfaces.?

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