ART & Embryology training program
Chennai Fertility Centre and Research Institute, The international school of Embryogenesis
01 June 2024

Training Batch Schedule July 2024  

  •   June = 03rd to 17th 2024
  •  July  =    01st to 15th 2024
  • August = 05th to 19th 2024

The International School of Embryology a unit of Chennai Fertility Centre and Research Institute was established to offer training in Advanced Reproductive Techniques and Embryology for clinicians and embryologists. It will help them to know in-depth knowledge and have good hands-on training. The members of our teaching faculty aim to bring Clinician and Embryologists to the highest level of knowledge about Assisted Reproductive Technology and practical capability.

Our courses cover basics in Andrology, Embryology, ICSI & Cryosciences (Hands-on).

Limited Seats. For admission Contact  9003111598 / 8428278218 

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