Legacy II
International IVF Initiative,
25 June 2022

The second part of the webinar topic where embryologists and stake holders in the IVF industry talk about the current need for embryologists globally. 

Embryologist moderators Giles Palmer, Keshav Malhotra, Dr. Tony Anderson and Eva Schenkman discussed again recruitment, training and talent management of embryologists, building on the comments of the previous webinar and looking at other markets in the world such as India and Australia.

Elina Roumian spoke on her career path and the current situation of the profession of clinical embryology in Australia while TJ Farnsworth talked about the mobility and the opportunities to relocate for clinical embryologists.

Dani Smale explained the current opportunities open for embryologists by studying in detail the number of vacancies, job descriptions and location of new jobs advertised since the pandemic of 2020.

A video montage of opinions on the state of the profession, the changing role of the embryologist as automation approaches by owners of training academies from around the world was aired.
Debbie Venier explains how to teach to the new generation and the need to prepare trainee embryologists with hands on training, real life skills and improve recruitment in N. America.
Finally, before the round table discussion involving all speakers and moderators with questions from the audience, Dr Joe Conaghan gave an insightful lecture on job interviews, salaries, contracts and non-compete clauses including career tips for younger embryologists.

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