How to rescue your biomaterials from Ukraine safely. Dialog with experts and international life hack
Dr Uliana Dorofeyeva, Birol Aydin & Peter Hura, OVOGENE Donor Bank
18 April 2022

Furthermore, a part of our talk will be dedicated to all possible steps to continue patient's treatment:

🔸how to continue treatment in a slovakian clinic, where materials are stored and what treatments can be available;

🔸treatment in different destinations in Europe;

🔸material transportation algorithm inside the EU, what the SEC coding is and how to get in for material evacuated from Ukraine

🔸is it possible to transport evacuated materials from Ukraine to worldwide - algorithm for the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, etc. We will answer the following questions:

🔸Who needs evacuation their samples ?

🔸Why does Ark Cryo ship all samples throught Slovakia ? Shipping schedule and possible delays

🔸What documents are required for shipping ?

🔸Shipping costs, does it changes, what is a reason for that ? What our offer includes

🔸Where samples can be shipped from Slovakia?

🔸What options do we have?

🔸How you can describe best cryo lab management?

🧷What kind of lab documents required for biomaterial shipment?

🧷Is there any risk for material mixed up during transportation?

🧷What’s the lower temperature range in dry shipper which can keep biomaterial still safety?

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