Have your say! - Sharing bad news within fertility care
Cardiff University Fertility Research Group, Cardiff University
25 February 2022

Bad news is frequently shared in fertility care, but there is little knowledge about patients’ and staff’s views and needs regarding how bad news is communicated. 


The survey will focus on your perceptions, coping strategies and needs related to your experience of sharing/receiving bad news. The aim is to better understand the views and needs of patients and staff involved in fertility treatment and about the process of receiving/sharing bad news in fertility care. 


The inclusion criteria includes that:

  • the bad news regarding fertility care was shared/received in the last 2 months
  • you are over 18 years-old


By bad news we mean any information that has a negative or serious effect on the person’s view of their future, noting that what is bad news is always the opinion of the person receiving the news.

The survey will take no more than around 15 minutes, depending on your experiences. All answers will be held anonymously. 


Thank you very much for your consideration!


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