New webapp Embryogrow
Darlene Davies,
31 May 2021

Introducing a new webapp : Embryo Grow!

As you know, going through fertility treatments is a unique and overwhelming journey. As an embryologist with 19 years experience, I have created a webapp that provides daily updates explaining the growth of embryos. A positive, uplifting helpful experience! I want to help patient and IVF clinic staff to understand what the embryologist looks for and how we grade embryos.

EmbryoGrow helps by ...
- Providing daily updates about the growth of embryos during IVF treatment. These updates are written by embryologists.
- Helping patients advocate and learn more about your treatments.

If you would like to set up time to discuss a partnership, we have the ability to brand our app specifically to your clinic and offer your patients access to this engaging platform. 

Contact [email protected] for more information.IVF is hard and our features will support and empower our users with knowledge.

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