17 to 20.11.2020 Webinar How to design your study in an IVF clinic or laboratory
Martine Nijs, CooperSurgical
10 November 2020

The first webinar introduces the principles of study design. The various types of study design will be discussed in relation to their application, strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, the concepts of bias, confounding variables and skew will be explored, particularly in relation to controlling for patient, sample and investigator bias. The value of choosing appropriate primary and secondary endpoints will also be covered, as will the use of power calculations to determine adequate sample size. The second webinar addresses the principles and practice of publishing the results from human research. The formatting of the manuscript and presentation of data with respect to journal requirements will be explored, as well as manuscript submission. Lastly, dealing positively with reviewers’ criticisms and editorial decisions will also be addressed.


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